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.Hack//Guilty Dragon update

Alright .Hack//Guilty Dragon finally updated

before that a small update for .Hack//Guilty Dragon went live and now we got our second I think they are trying to move the story forward since .Hack//N.U. is out well what did they add this time? last time it was 1-2 maps this it's 3 maps not only that the phantoms they are doing are the usual npc that for class or guilds that turn into Phantoms that one part in the 22 floor area it was kind of funny and creepy how 2 npc phantoms start bricking with one another not only that we discover Phantom Kite is alive I think he's not that stable but he's alive somehow and not only that we discover that Phantom Haseo now in the story first you fight Phantom Kite then you move to the next room and fight Phantom Haseo well Phantom Haseo seems to talk more then Phantom Kite O_o but he still growls like all Phantoms do not only that the bricking those two did was funny and 'wtf' moment at the end it almost felt like we destroyed them both T_T maybe being at my level was too harsh but now I know how social they can be with one another but looks like Phantom Haseo went down faster then Phantom Kite I hope we didn't really destroy them that would be a very very bad ending and I would feel guilty for doing that I wish we could of fight them again in the story that was fun I think they are getting close to finishing the story that the feeling I'm getting we saw Phantom Kite more in this game then we did with Phantom Haseo who was hinted all the way through the game but was never seen until now that is and all the maps and all the wp we did that a lot of walking I think Phantom Haseo needs half of the maps and story that Phantom Kite did but all we might get are wacky npc that turn into Phantoms fighting one another like win they did in this story so basically the story I'm getting is Phantom Kite infects people turning them into Phantoms this must be the 'betrayal of the dragon' that this whole story was about and win you defeat the phantoms you're leasing there power like you're cleansing the world but it also having a effect on Phantom Kite and now looks like Phantom Haseo like we're 'hurting' them somehow and it's not a good way to go so in this timeline this happens right after .Hack//Versus? that what the rumors are and people are guessing .Hack//N.U. comes after .Hack//Guilty Dragon somewhere in the future but no proof on this yet

No I really want this game for the phones in the USA but I doubt it since it's been way too long

after replaying the scene again it feels like they have a 'master' and 'slave' kind of thing going on O_o maybe it just me? hmm the group do look shocked win they see Phantom Haseo but we also never saw Sharp BlackRose or Phantom Tsukasa yet in this story

as for .Hack//N.U. ouch it's going fine but win you at a higher level the need to buy cards are getting higher or the need to have all SR cards is greater because of the higher missions and levels now

And they had dates in the game for 3/23/2016 the letters are in red...
2/22/2016 another date

maybe we're getting close to the end? T_T

omg I just noticed the cards you buy has a date right? this deck expires on 3/23
so...the next update and the red letters of 3/23/2016 is...the last update!?

I hope I'm seriously wrong about this but that would explain why I'm getting all these wp, card and drops the end might be near...T_T

It's official 3/23/2016 IS the last day or how long you can play .Hack//Guilty Dragon T_T


RIP .Hack//Guilty Dragon on 3/23/2016 but it's cliffhanger ending! >_< T_T
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