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.Hack//Guilty Dragon last mission 01


I'm here to show you what is said after you defeat Phantom Kite who is very unstable at this point and Phantom Haseo who went down in one battle T_T seriously? all this time we was fighting Phantom Kite who we fought many many times Phantom Haseo goes in one battle *cries*


So what do you think of this? this is bad if this is the ending but it's not 3/23/2016 is the last day the last day the update the final mission the final update so what do you think about it?
Poor Phantom Kite and poor Phantom Haseo not seen very long in this story

Ignore the post that says no post found that was on LJ end

That last video was long and long to load that win LJ says not found ect

Sorry for the video it was made by my phone

The last video taken forever to load and that win LJ said 'error' and 'cant find object' that win those words showed up >_> but that last video taken almost 2 hours upload I don't want to upload the 3 videos again but that's the final moments the last mission until 3/23/2016

update- tried to fix this so it looks better well it works now

Remember now you got until 3/23/2016 to play this game then after that the game is gone they are dropping WP candy and DP candy for people do defeat the phantoms and cards to get more cards

3/23/16 is the going to be the last update and the last time you can play this game T_T
3/23(水)12:00まで taken from twitter
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