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.Hack//N.U. Bug??





===End of Quote

Where good communication after you do the following, please check again.
-Power OFF: ON
("Power OFF" is displayed press and hold the power button on the right, slide the power OFF)
-Multitasking end
-Restart the app

if the time is at stake due to communications delays, effects,
It may take time, after purchase, due to some influence from the Apple server latency, reflected in the app. (* Long, 2-3 days. )
Please wait until this case is reflected in the application.

===English translation huh? someone can do better please do
they also said you can contact them with you're I.D. and date and how much you bought in this game if I'm reading this right...-_-;; if someone CAN translate this better please do but my game still crashes win I try to buy the gems this method don't work for me not unless I have to wait 3 days O_o

So this is there method on the bug issue with real money in the game?? Ugh I have this bug I deleted my character and made a new character and tried to buy gems in the game and *bam* the game still crashed >_< so I'm stuck with Japanese yen on my Itunes account and I can't spend my money in this game great *grumbles* my BlueStacks alt's they are doing fine and in fact if I look at Bluestacks the page where you buy gems is blank O_o yeah blank nothing there

Switch to Japan language and type in ニューワールド to find the post about the game

So I thought making a new character would work it didn't work at all T_T yes I just said goodbye to Kite's SR weapons T_T but making a new character I was blessed with a SR red card great wrong class this time I went magic glass/blue it's alright about this bug issue it's annoying very annoying I can't buy gems in the game and it crashes win I try to even on a new character I know what we get so I can save my gems I get from missions but that will take a long time and the question is will they fix it? I don't know they know about it so this is one little problem I'm running into and yes I did get Kite SR card back but not his SR weapons T_T I think I missed that I've read on twitter someone game is freezing in battle yes this game has bugs I hope they fix them I want to spend my yen in the game *sigh* so I guess I'll post more about this if they fix or patch the game or something I hope...

There Twitter page

This just makes me disappointed it all started with lost connection right in the middle of me buying gems on my deleted account then the game could not connected to Itunes and then it froze then it crushed T_T I had internet I was connected I even wet on my web in my Ipaid air so it was on Apple end? ugh...this can happen I think it did happen before or someone was talking about it
but this is what is going on with me and this game

Update- I found away around this I made another Itunes account and made a new character I put money on this new account and went and played the game to 'test' this and well it work I got to buy gems and the game run normally I try to run my other account and it still crashes so it on Itunes end it somehow not connecting to the game it just people who are 'hit' by this bug have this issue if you make a new account and itunes account you should be fine wait now that I think of it you might be able to just make a new itunes account that works to so you don't have to make a new character I found out that the hard way T_T
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