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.Hack//Guilty Dragon Last mission 02


Phantom Tsukasa nooo wait no battle no exp nooo yes Phantom Tsukasa just talks to us and vanish into the light

4 new maps has been added

Wait he's alive!? yes Phantom Haseo looks like he looking for Phantom Kite who never shows up at all >_< but you have to fight Phantom Haseo again after the fight

Phantom Haseo gone this time right? '.....'

Did Phantom Haseo vanish? looks like no I don't think he can die it looks like Phantom Tsukasa went way too easy compared to Phantom Haseo I think Phantom Kite has something to do with this so is Phantom Kite the final boss?

This is all leading up to the final final part this is part 2 part of it the rest is NOT out yet this is what did the Guilty Dragon do in this world? misusing his powers to keep them alive? I think we might run into Sharp BlackRose in the next map this is just a theory of mine but there is more dialog in the 4 maps party freaking out and lots of '.....' moments and even a adult Navi? that looks like a real girl? we did see her for a moment but I skip the videos it would of been more videos sorry ignore the background that's my fans and the scanner >_> it was late and I didn't know I was going to be recording this video from my phone sorry so the push for the final final moments are coming up next month T_T yeah cliff hanger ending they might make another update I'm not too sure everything in the game is still the same cards are dropping like crazy and so are WP and DPS candy's so this is a small update I saw in the game last night it surprised me so I had to post it poor Phantom Haseo he acts like a phantom but he still hold some sort of Haseo personality

I find that oddly Phantom Kite has Sharp BlackRose and Phantom Haseo here in .Hack//Guilty Dragon and Kite in .Hack//N.U. is alone he has no one except the player who the more lonely one? oh right speaking of .Hack//N.U. they did a update that makes the party talk more even the player

Again this was recorded off my phone so that's why it looks like that
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