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Project X Zone 2 Englsih and random talk


Wow spoilers just played the English version got almost half way on the Japanese version and stop in the English version typo? spoilers seriously

Win Haseo called Kite Tri-Edge and talks about 7 years ago that must be a typo since Haseo never heard about the .hackers not until Vol 3 from Yata right? But in Project X Zone 2 Haseo knows about them in G.U. he finds out later about them right? that kind of confusing not only that Haseo still in his third form so he must be in Vol2 of G.U.? still a bit confusing but yeah the whole think about Azure Kite not talking that happens in .Hack//G.U. Vol 1 he never talks until you get him in Vol. 3 in G.U. after the game so I'm trying to gasp what time they pulled Haseo from he thinks Kite and his lookalikes are Tri-Edge witch they are not it's Ovan who we find out who Tri-Edge is ugh it seems like every game they put Haseo in he's stuck in the past like in .Hack//Link he was like that to not only that in .Hack//Versus he was like but here in Project X Zone 2 Haseo calls R;1 kind of old maybe he wants to remember his past in R;1? I don't know I think people would like .Hack//G.U. vol 3 Haseo you know the one with X-from that would be nice so yes Azure Kite is pretty much the person to get Kite and Haseo on the same party with Haseo 'Sasuke' personality and Kite well Kite's personality they do collide, funny to say it feels like Kite getting his revenge somehow he was never in G.U. that was Azure Kite and it was Azure Kite who you could get after you beat the game in Vol.3 I noticed something odd they are showing off Kite more then Azure Kite since Azure Kite was more popular in Japan and Kite wasn't and even in the latest games .Hack//N.U. the only person you have from .Hack is Kite so hmmm well .Hack//Link was supposed to to be the 'end' for .Hack with Tokio and even playing to this part I think Tokio would of been a better choice then Haseo since Tokio had more of a bond with Kite versus Haseo did speaking of .Hack//Versus that comes right after .Hack//Link right? so I assume maybe if they do a Project X Zone 3 they well go with .Hack//Link? I rather them go with .Hack//Versus or even .Hack//N.U. with DD that would be fun

Wait Haseo just called Kite 'Azure Kite' but Azure Kite *cough* Tri-Edge is over there that's not him...omg Project X Zone so Azure Kite get his real name back sometimes later in the game I'm surprised they name him Tri-Edge in this game

For me personality I think Tokio and Kite have more of a bond in .Hack//Link *cough* and much as I like it since with Tokio time travel he can go to any time in the .Hack universe and I think they did add him in .Hack//N.U. that my feeling from it that why I find it odd they just randomly put Kite and Haseo together in Project X Zone 2 and with Azure Kite not in party he was in G.U. after game that is yes it's very bittersweet for me honestly I like the older Tokio from .Hack//Versus
I feel like in .Hack//N.U. you get that Kite SR card and cards come to life thanks to the 'player' and that shadow figure stalks you 'Tokio' because you got Kite SR card that how I feel about it
But I could be wrong it could be someone else stalking the player O_o

as far as I know about Tokio and Kite relationship it kinda went nowhere there was major hints in .Hack//Link and as far as I know Tokio would watch over his friends that's why we see him like in .Hack//Versus and hinted in .Hack//N.U. in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I feel like it's Tokio but they never showed off his face yet

Back to this I went over bored sorry but this just make me think more of the subject >_< overall the game play of Project X Zone 2 is good the voices are in Japanese no English like I hope it would be but for Haseo voice torn between hearing Haseo and Asbel from TOGF they share the same voice actor and Kite voice hasn't changed but overall Project X Zone 2 is pretty good if this is cannon I don't know how they are going to link this...

I know I'm not trying to let my personal feeling get in the way of this game so far ugh... just call it bittersweet symphony

Side note-

I'm playing .Hack//N.U. it's going good I keep getting sword weapons out of the random RNG T_T seriously and I play a Twin sword class on my second account I got the buggy one I got a R blue card that is a healing one used that since that character is a magical class anyways

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon just waiting for new events to show up nothing yet

Also they have a dating system in .Hack//N.U. I find that cute and funny they kind of had one in .Hack//Link but was keeping them 'happy' versus giving them random items as gifts in .Hack//N.U.
On the plus side I did a test give Kite that random pink perfume he dislikes it but his affections goes way higher then anything else after that O_o the girls love girly stuff and Kite kind of edges away from that lol oh god I can just think of what Haseo likes and dislikes will be if they ever add him in .Hack//N.U. him and personality lol omg...I think I just died so the whole dating system in .Hack//N.U. is kind of cute and funny wow I'm getting off the subject here again >_<;

Overall Project X Zone 2 is a good game play it for more fan service and story

Side note 2-
Shugo- never had a soiled girlfriend in the anime, but he did kiss other people *cough* Aura, Reiki and Zefie
Azure Kite- Never had a soiled lover except maybe Haseo if you pushed it in G.U. but I think all the Azure knights are program to love Haseo somehow er...O_o
Sakuya- she never had a soiled lover maybe Mary? why I said Mary if you watch the anime Mary is closet to a lover that what I think it's more epic in the Japanese version.
Sora- She/he never had a lover maybe Balder that guy who looks like Balmung maybe in .Hack//Versus anime Sora and Balder alone hello that is all hints
Kite- difficult question his love is difficult to answer we got the girls who like him and Kite never returns there love and Kite had lots of hints with the guys like Tokio, Cubia and maybe Haseo, but in Project X Zone 2 Kite says Aura is a special girl so maybe Aura to? we don't know what kind of special relationship Kite has with Aura it could all motherly figure or sister or love.
Phantom Kite- major difficult question win playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon so far his relationship with the other phantoms is mystery maybe the closest friends/lovers he has is Phantom Haseo and Sharp BlackRose that my guess we really won't find out until the final final final part
Kite- N.U. version of Kite omg he has no one except maybe the player?

I thought I'd add this playing Project X Zone 2 Kite said Aura was his special girl that got me thinking about all the Kite copies and there relationship with the others
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