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.Hack//N.U. thoughts


Today we're going to talk about .Hack//N.U. thoughts and theories

Let's start with Cards we all know the player who can use cards in battle wise versus .Hack//Guilty Dragon win the player calls the cards just for battle in .Hack//N.U. you actually manifest the cards into the game well .Hack//N.U. itself so all the HP bar and all the cards stats depends on the player so win you actually get defeated depends on the player to you're party members don't have HP only the player dose so they are linked to the player if the player dies so do they go it? so it best that you try and get a SR card link to the player as soon as possible SR cards are more worth then R and R+ cards you don't want to stick with the N card you get as soon as you start but you can use a R+ card for a bit until you get a SR card or you can go all SR team and having the player use a R+ card I did see people do that it also works, I also want to say every hit you're cards take goes right to the player there HP bar takes the blow not the cards so if you have a weak card on you're team you're going to noticed it.

No if you're asking what do you mean summon the cards to the battle right? it kind of like a GF from Final Fantasy 8 but the HP bar for them is the player if that makes it more simple so yes you want to get good equipment for the player and if you can get it for the cards it will help to

Now let's talk about the GOD system the GOD system are kind of like orbs that you unlock like Final Fantasy 10 Sphere Grid or Tales of Xillia Lilium Orb it unlock power, magic and def in the game and that is a must for SR cards it makes you the player powerful enough to survive the only way to get the GOD orbs/Virus cores is to use Data Drain or doing events they drop right after you do events but you want to use you're class GOD system for my main I'm using a SR twin sword class green so I'm going with green for my alt I got a magic class I'm going with blue with that one and yes you can switch you're class you don't have to stick with the 3 starter class you can go with any class you want the 3 starter class you get to pick are Twin Sword, Heavy blade, and Staff for magic but if you find a different class with the right color you can switch so since I played with a SR green card for my main for a long time I've unlock level 2 but it takes more and more GOD cores seriously? and I'm not even maxed out in level 1 yet...yes I was lucky enough to get a SR green card out of the RNG for my main

Now let's talk about the dating system yes this game you CAN somewhat date you're cards however you have HAVE to get there affections to level 20 and you start off at, Zero win you get them so that lots and lots of gifts not unless you know what they like win you get them at level 20 that win you can start dating them or let just say that win win Dive into there emotions like in Ar Tonelico for them level 20 is there level 1 for them make sense? alright you don't actually Dive into them that would be cool but I'm just trying to make a point win you reach level 20 you have to find out what they like or dislike just like dating in real life they can dislike something and it will be that same item for them until the next level the ranking is by them win you look to give them something so if you randomly give them items in the begging and you see the pink heart go up that normally it not dating yet not until level 20 and what do you get win you give them the gift win you are at level 20 that they like? and it there affections for you go way higher then normally? well cheesy lines from the Japanese voice actors that what it's cute jest to let you know win you at level 20 with that one card and you see the the one you got to level 20 looking at you across the room win you're talking to someone else is that Jealousy? lol now can the cards get Jealous? I think they can somehow just watch how you're cards act at times it's cute and funny now it seems you can date anyone in this game don't matter what you're gender is.

You might want to decide over you're party for element play in this game the cards colors and don't forget the healer you need one not unless you got a really high level SR card you might not need one maybe.

My alt on Bluestacks is dating all girls and she a girl herself and I see Kite just hanging out way off screen away from the girls poor Kite on that game file sometimes I give him something maybe and since you pretty much start off with all girl team witch make it obvious they like the player don't matter what the gender is I think the game wants you to go for them

So you can summon any card that you get from buying gems or get lucky with that free point offer and try to date them one thing I did noticed is the cards that the player has and uses on his team don't count for the real ones in the game and story so yes you can do the story with the people from the story in the party who are not the players but cards get it? >_<; it confusing that why most foes attack the player if they can't see the HP bar but only linked to the player that would be suspicious right? funny enough the people and foes you fight do have a normal HP bar so they can go down normally

As for Kite profile in the game someone said that his profile said he had amnesia but he only recalls his name and he was supposed to be a hero?, that would fit how he acts in the game let not try to guess how old he is now in .Hack//N.U. that first event you do with Kite in a random event but it has Kite trying to get the player attention by acting like he's under attack by Chim Chim and trying to get the player recognize people in trouble or something like that win I first done that event I was like 'wft' are you doing Kite? next event for Kite is at level 50 witch I'm just now at level 30 so I got a long ways to go I could level grind now since they got the money event going up today maybe...

That the crazy thing gold in this game is hard to get by and you need to to level up you're cards they don't have it like in .Hack//Guilty Dragon where you can buy it

So that my thoughts on this game and how it is the whole dating thing is cute but time consuming and item consuming if you really like a special card go for it

If I said anything wrong on this subject let me know thank you

And yes by the way in this game Hack//N.U. it seems Kite is alone no one else from the past .Hack isn't in this game yet so he has no one except the player?
Oh right Kite can talk to other cards and other cards can talk to one another so it not completely lost
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