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.Hack//Guilty Dragon update

Yes they more maps

Phantom Kite makes a comeback again >_> along with Phantom BlackRose in after that you fight Phantom Haseo again

Phantom Kite- lv. 70
Phantom BlackRose- lv.72
Phantom Haseo- 72.

Correct me if I'm wrong about there levels I was fighting them last night then went to bed sorry

they area annoying let just say that they don't say much except for Phantom Haseo in the next map you fight Phantom Balmung who acts like Balmung witch surprises me and yes he's still annoying next 3rd map is where you fight the two girls that are blond yes they ARE linked to SakuBo er...Mischievous Cat of the Twin Purple Moons but they are AI spoilers they turn ageist the Mischievous Cat of the Twin Purple Moons witch you don't have to fight but you have to fight the girls first and then after that cliffhanger until the 3/23/2016 to play this game I'll record that and the mysteries voice one of them that was talking to the group is god/monster/dragon/bird/thingy shockingly correct me if I'm wrong about this but yes this is a quick skim of what happen I just went through it and died 2 times >_< ugh...but this time you DO get exp if you die that surprised me but yeah the game is ending so they are giving to you but yes Phantom Haseo just says the same thing he said last time he died...Phantom Kite just growls at you along with Phantom BlackRose after you defeat them and Phantom Balmung seem like the only one who tries to act like Balmung

So getting closer to the final final ending for this game

The cash shop has not update it still shows the same nothing else updated T_T except random monsters you can fight nothing else changed
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