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.Hack Guilty dragon update again


.Hack//Guilty Dragon update

 photo IMG_0584_zpsmse9uce9.jpg

Spoilers ONE new map has been added

 photo IMG_0586_zps7veodgry.jpg

Who do you find at the end? them omg

 photo IMG_0587_zpsz4up7kaq.jpg
Maybe more then a hint??

 photo IMG_0588_zps4ekzalgu.jpg

Yeah you went from a 40 level map to this map is 0 in the same area uh it might be a hint

 photo IMG_0589_zpsfy1tddmk.jpg

So what do you think?? spoilers to the final final final end yes that lv 100 boss isn't that hard
Maybe we might see some phantoms in .Hack//N.U.? maybe? I hope so

Remember you got until the 03/23 to play this game and then it's gone fade into twilight like a dream

No Phantoms are in this map just 3 boss you have to fight to get to the new 0 map sadly you don't fight the .Hack//N.U. people


"最終イベント「這い寄る黒波」開幕! そして、物語は最終章へ――メインストーリーを進め、物語の結末を見届けよう!!「ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い」開発ブログ"

Final event?? they can't leave it there it's a big cliffhanger they go through the map and end up in .Hack//N.U.??....

That's not really a ending not unless they are saying the character from .Hack//Guilty Dragon IS the character in .Hack//N.U. *cough* our player character maybe?...or maybe not now that I think of it maybe the character in .Hack//Guilty Dragon our player is not the same one in .Hack//N.U. just went through the last mission again and they did run into .Hack//N.U. people but none recognized one another so that theory is out this time I did play attention to the dialog but the 3 girls from .Hack//N.U. did meet the player from .Hack//Guilty Dragon at one time it looks like so maybe that player is somewhere in .Hack//N.U.? that just a theory for now

wait wait wait if they end up in .Hack//N.U. what happen to the other Phantoms? You know that last update where they did add DD chapter in .Hack//N.U. she starting to feel more like a copy of Kite and that guy she's with I thought it Orca who turn Gothic, That twitter post I just post said
'The story to the final chapter--through the main story and see the end of the story!'
So that the end? cliffhanger ending alright I have mix emotions now I was wondering why I was seeing all the people that the player character in .Hack//Guilty Dragon met over the travels it was bittersweet

Better picture of what was said in the game
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