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.Hack//N.U. DD chapter update and talk about it



Alright just finished DD story and no she IS not with that crazy guy but you do fight her alone after seeing her fight and use her skills that put my mages asleep >_< that left only my character and Kite great but we finished her with attacks it worked somehow the way she moves is JUST like Azure Kite O_o the way they call there skills witch Azure Kite move sets are copied from Kite's move sets too familiar we save DD from Pkers we try to get near her and she calls monsters on us great, not only that she acts cold and depressed win you be nice to her O_o after we defeat DD more Pkers come after us this chapter you will fighting Pkers it looks like and watch out for the mages they are annoying as ugh...after you fight that dark version of Orca who tries to become Gothic you fight him 2 times he will leave you alone win that other person shows up that win the player character name is getting well known in the world? So expect more chaos in the future I assume

And Yes it seems DD has Kite depression and it looks like she knows she been replaced that's why she so moody she sees the player character as her replacement I think and I wanted DD in the party to correct me if I'm wrong about this subject so if DD has Azure Kite move sets who copied them from Kite then DD is a Kite clone? I think that was guessed long time ago but DD has more DE-buffs and Azure Kite has more Buffs and Kite has none of them you think something wrong here? I wonder if Kite memory loss has something to do with his powers? Hmm maybe Kite was made to be the player character SR card? you know how I said you use SR cards as you're skills, but I never use Kite like that I rather have Kite in party then use his him as SR card and not in party
But I wonder if DD and Azure Kite both have Kite memories? if they are copies and there that powerful hmmm interesting that would explain why DD shows her emotions to the player character once that why you try to get close to her and she pushes you away, okay that's sad we got DD who looks amazing in battle and Azure Kite who also looks epic but we get none of them and we're stuck with Kite not that I mind it just I want more characters you know, now that I think about it DD acts like she's been alone for a long time like Azure Kite acts I wonder if they get lonely? Yes DD sad bittersweet emotions tug at my heart a bit she reminded me of a version of a Kite who was a girl and was all alone with her emotions omg T_T and you can tell win she was trying to be positive and it wasn't working
...and yes DD and Azure Kite act neutral win seeing Kite in party if you fight them both with Kite they both avoid hitting Kite and go for someone else well that what happen win I fought them with Kite in party

So DD chapter in this story wow that a lot and lot and lot of Pkers that want to fight the player character after you defeat DD they come after you and all you was doing was trying to get them off DD who never fights them but she will fight the player character after the fight she seems like she knows what is going on but she never tells that the feeling I'm getting from it.

So yes maybe they are going to do something with this? but those are my thoughts about this subject I can be wrong about this but that's what I'm getting from this correct me if I'm wrong about it

About that whole topic about the player character being a AI was that right? I thought it was since if you saw .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending they go to .Hack//N.U. and well I thought they was reborn alright correct me if I'm wrong about this subject I didn't get time to look up if .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. are somehow linked I know so far .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending is to .Hack//N.U.

Well this turn out all to be thoughts and maybe theories of the subject so again correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.
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