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テイルズ オブ ベルセリア第3弾PV


Tales of Berseria PV

I'm drawn back into TOZ for a Rose and Alisha moment O_o those two remind me of them somehow maybe Ancestors??
Or Rose and Alisha was reborn in TOZ *cough* that's a way of theory lol *cough* don't mind me I know that's something people don't want to here.

From twitter

So the whole TOZ and TOB connection is there I'm excited for this I want this game on my PS4 yes I'm getting this game I hope the English voices are good.
Tags: here we go, i'm excited for this, looking good, namco, namco bandai, ps4, pv, same world, tales hype, tales of berseria, tales pv, tease, teaser video, tob, topic, toz, twitter, youtube, テイルズ オブ ベルセリア

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