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.Hack//N.U. Romance 01


Long ago I told you can date a card right? well it seems you can even push the romance a lot that not only is it time consuming but item consuming seriously I did a test on one of my files on Kite and I think I got him to a crush level O_O pink heart in the dating menu how he acts well after that he stands near the player character and it looks like he's trying to get there attention I think it's around level 70 so this was just a test but yes that lots and lots and lots of items very time consuming some of them are around 20 something I got 3 other cars in there 30 and I'm going to leave them like that oh right a few cards below 20 what happens once you get to level 100? I'm not too sure I want to find out that's for sure but it's fun to watch all the cards go back and forth can the cards get jealous? I have not found out yet if they can or not it's cute once I got to crush stats I went and fought Azure Kite one last time he automatically went for Kite lol maybe Azure Kite sense it?

Btw why is Kite so bent on fighting Azure Kite? wasn't the fight in Project X Zone 2 enough? *cough* well Kite was never in .Hack//G.U. it was Azure Kite who was and Azure Kite is most liked in Japan that was some time ago I don't know if Japan liking between Kite and Azure Kite has changed or not but no Azure Kite SR card maybe they will do a event and add Haseo where you can get either his or Azure Kite SR card or any card for that matter

But so far the whole dating thing is fun the cards do like to walk back and forth having them stand in awkward places like between some characters is funny and cute it almost like they are trying to say something maybe but it looks like in .Hack//N.U. You truly can date a card so go after the card you want

Some girls can picky and Kite is neutral about everything he don't like perfume but he take's it and he likes expensive items that's the fast way on leaving Kite emotions but I don't think he likes that paper if you try to give him that brown paper he can make some remarks on some items but Kite like's that expensive ice cream I think you can get at a area, I know that blond hair girl is picky most of the girls are picky you go to know what they like and dislike
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