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.Hack//Romance 02

Alright got to level 100!

in the romance saga of Kite that is :P

So what happens win you get Kite to level 100 in romance and time consuming items?




Update- You unlock this.

All that farming and money and time consuming! Kite up to level 100 in romance

Alright in Kite 3rd story his voice surprised me I never heard Kite so serious I think he asked the player a serious question here witch you got two choices to respond picking the first one I did was the good choice (I think) T_T Kite shows his depression and emotions here I think by now he realized he isn't someone trap inside the game and that Kite can indeed get Tired it seems Kite will never voice win he is tired I think that event with SAO win you ask that question voices that Kite likes to hide his emotions but in the event Kite talks to the player I honestly thought he was going to cry that if the girls didn't interrupted them and boy do they do major teasing on them both but win the girls arrive Kite pulls himself together and asks for a mission yes this mission that was just a let down I thought Kite was going to admit his emotions then T_T
I think he was but the girls come along this mission surprised me I was expecting something like his second mission omg this one is cute but it also hints how special the first mission was to Kite somehow after the battle you get rewarded and a title O_o so it was perfect right? the blond hair girl notices something odd (For the life of me I don't know her name lol sorry) she comes out and ask Kite if he brought them here because to her it almost looks like Kite was giving this to the player or something that's how it looks to me correct me if I'm wrong, but the first time Kite words question it as Kite brushes it off like Kite knew he was caught I don't know if Kite is good at lying lol but that was cute and you get two choices again the first one leads to Kite being his old self or how he was in his second mission after that you get some Green GOD stones cores what you call them some keys and that title that's Kite's 3rd mission.

Now after you get to level 100 you don't have to keep giving him stuff but I like to it become a habit :P
alright what effects dose Kite have once at 100? in romance beside that mission (I just check on my alt) he likes to stare at the player I mean stalking kind of way it's cute that's about it no new skill or anything no memories that might come later oh right that area that Kite taken them to was a fire area witch did surprise me since Kite is wind element but that romance to level 100 for Kite I'm not too sure how the others are so after that even getting Kite to level 65 I take him out once a bit I guess I can use him for story missions in the future nothing major and yes his romance bar is still up even if not being in party and ect but yes Kite voice win he ask that question in the begging of his 3rd mission surprised me his voice sounded older almost mature like if possible just for that moment.

Alright after that exchanging Kite for a heavy blade and change my class to a heavy blade I went and fought Azure Kite yes he's still around and I noticed something funny Azure Kite was facing the direction the player was at O_O how he was facing like he was side ways or he was staring at the player awkwardly omg I should of taken the picture of that alright that's enough of this but these are the moments I find cute in this game.

I taken this picture with my Ipaid air off my Iphone sorry >_<;

Omg now I want a Haseo card to get to level 100 I still think Haseo is going to be picky and no the RNG don't like me no Tsukasa or Subaru card yet T_T

Oh right correct me if I'm wrong about this O_o I apologize if this is spoilers.

Update-Just redid Kite mission again my alt his second mission omg so the 3rd mission is unlock win you're at a higher emotions with Kite, this alt is nowhere near level 100! thank you bluestacks for answering this question
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