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RIP .Hack//Guilty Dragon

My sweet prince may you rest in peace forever in the light of twilight and into the new world


I can't believe it's over I'm still numb over this I was playing around in .Hack//Guilty Dragon outfits win it shut off on me T_T not what I wanted my character dressed in that I know my bad T_T

I think this is the ending song however it was never used in the game or the ending I wished it was it would of made the ending more emotional since if you watch the ending the player character ends up in .Hack//N.U. witch is bittersweet for me.

Alright the story was confusing itself and Phantom Haseo never showed up at all in the stories sure we fought him in events but it wasn't until the very very very end we saw him >_> however it was Phantom Kite who stolen the spotlight half the time and who we fought many many times but the ending felt...rushed I wished we knew what happen to the phantoms after the world shut down at first I thought Phantom Kite was creepy in a stalker kind of way however in time I got used to him and I think I'll miss him the most the other Phantoms never had any light except the dark wave people who we fought randomly but it never explained what happen to the girls who looks like they might show up in .Hack//N.U. and speaking of .Hack//N.U. that new event with SAO and Azure Kite...? no he looks like Azure Kite however the dark glow around and glowing red eyes and the way he attacks harder he reminded me of...Phantom Kite O_O I Know that's a way off theory sorry I had to say it, now I think of it I really really hope our character IS not the same character from .Hack//Guilty Dragon I have my reasons for saying that :P just the way the stories are going in .Hack//N.U. my feelings >_>

For some crazy reason Phantom Kite is always with the moon in some cards to I remember

Phantom Haseo like this design

And no there was no new event at the end like I hope there was nothing new in the game *sigh* looks like that twitter post was... rushed >_>

So yeah .Hack//Guilty Dragon is officially over into the sea of twilight where our dreams is at.
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