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.Hack//N.U. Update He has Return


So yes this update surprised me so the hints win the SAO was here was true remember win you fought Azure Kite the second time and his name was ??? I thought that was strange or maybe this has nothing to do with that

Phantom Kite has return! and wow what did they do to your voice? Azure Kite has no voice and Kite sounds himself and Phantom Kite voice is different low blow to Kite his taller and looks more mature omg

Phantom Kite has not changed at all since .Hack//Guilty Dragon except he lost all his attacks and moves like Kite now he has buffs and D-buffs and You can get his SR card but it's a low drop I never did get his SR card I used my Crystals to make him a R+ card Phantom Kite personalty has not changed with the whole 'slaves' and it looks like he still has his dark powers to make Phantoms I don't know if Phantom Kite still thinks he's the original since .Hack//Guilty Dragon so that means we might get Phantom Haseo and Sharp BlackRose? that would be nice!

But it's a nice memory of .Hack//Guilty Dragon I remember win they had Phantom Kite outfit I never got it because I never did PVP but .Hack//Guilty Dragon is not here no more and how is Phantom Kite existing in .Hack//N.U.? I mean without his Phantoms his powers are...ah so that's why he wants to fight the player character inserting.

I don't mind not having a Phantom Kite SR card I never did win his SR card in .Hack//Guilty Dragon so a R+ card just fits, I know I never did have good luck with drops and SR cards in .Hack//Guilty Dragon T_T

But yes it makes me remember .Hack//Guilty Dragon and I need his card for old memory thank you .Hack//Guilty Dragon for all the beautiful cards you had speaking of that am I going to show off my cards? maybe

So yes this is .Hack//N.U. update and yes Phantom Kite did get a new look and you can date him my SR Kite is not liking that idea I did get 100 in romance with Kite so he's trying to protest by walking into the room and getting up and walking away and standing awkwardly near the player character I find that cute don't mind me.

And there is no special reaction to the player character and Phantom Kite so the theories of the player character is from .Hack//Guilty Dragon looks...yeah but not rule that out yet.

Omg Phantom Kite floats in battle in party! dun dun dun a test for Azure Kite maybe? *cough* and Phantom Kite like Kite don't like perfume that's sooo cute wait...inserting.

And it looks like we got more story added to the game.


You can make Phantom Kite SR card with out the drops all you need is R then turn him into R+ and red twin sword cards you need 5 it looks like and 40000 gold to turn him into SR card! I just found that out O_o so if you have the money and crystals you can fuse him time get farming.

Update-  photo PK01_zpsy2skww9x.jpg
Taken off my phone I also posted this to facebook yes that was me so this is Phantom Kite SR card.
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