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.hack//N.U. Romance 100 it is time.


Finally got Phantom Kite to level 100 in romance! O_o

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Dun dun dun Phantom Kite romance to level 100

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level 45 mission unlocked you HAVE to fight him twice his first mission was yeah Phantom Kite desire was to turn the player character into a Phantom like in .Hack//Guilty Dragon in fact Phantom Kite second mission is longer then Kite's missions sorry for the blur picture.

The begging of Phantom Kite second mission the girls are in the bar it surprised me they are going over the player character is seriously dating Phantom Kite you can agree or disagree to them in fact they are sad they don't have a romance with someone I just agreed since Phantom Kite first mission they was teasing the hell out the player character was dating Phantom Kite behind there backs, but during the second mission after you agree they decided to go to the forest to see Phantom Kite who sent a message he wants to fight you again this time at level 45 so the group arrives and Phantom Kite arrives in a flash of red lighting yes the same red flash from .Hack//Guilty Dragon that was nice touch, Phantom Kite only got a few words out of the player character before the blond hair girl stop it again and she very got upset this time she started the fight with Phantom Kite I was wtf wasn't this mission with the player character not them? omg the girls can be annoying let just say that, after the fight you get

A crystal, 1 key, 5 red stones and a title well that what I got after defeating him again after that Phantom Kite admits defeat the same way he did the first time you fought him, and then it switches back to the girls again who are entering there @ home as they noticed Phantom Kite who showed up they start freaking out and questioning why he is there and there answers come up Phantom Kite is there for the player character more likely they mention the player character name a lot in this and Phantom Kite is all like
"......." his personality went back to that right?
No wait the girls don't understand him however Phantom Kite has given the player character the ability to talk inside there mind, unlike before Phantom Kite words was barley but his voice text comes clear inside the player mind the girl noticed something strange is going on and ask the player character if they could understand this you are given 2 more choices I just agreed with it, and Phantom Kite words become clear inside the player mind as I think he says he likes being around them and that's why he's here and no you don't have to fight him again for the third time and Phantom Kite words are soft now and his personality changes a bit that a huge step from .Hack//Guilty Dragon for me it surprises me because in that time all you saw was Phantom Kite being the bad guy and trying to fight you over and over until the end yeah that sucked but this makes up for that.

Now let's compare them between Kite's romance and Phantom Kite own romance

Kite's romance is alright his missions are friendly Kite feeling ones but win he asks the player if they are tired of him? and you get 2 choices his voice become mature and win you say you're not tired if him he shutters trying to get his words out, In Kite mission he takes the player out right? to his mission.

Now Phantom Kite romance is ouch the start of it can be brutal and rough and hard his first mission he's trying to turn the player character into a phantom and the girls get upset, his second mission let just call it his romance mission for now it starts off with the girls in the bar and all that happens, now I think of it it all started with the blond hair girl acting all flirty with Phantom Kite the in the event with SAO mission yes I noticed that >_< SAO mission happens before you get Phantom Kite first mission after you get Phantom Kite first mission that win girls start teasing the player character about them dating Phantom Kite.
I think the blond hair girl says she wasn't being serious about the whole flirting with Phantom Kite no she she says it if you pick that choice during the first encounter with SAO mission.

Ugh the girls can be annoying I said that right? I'm just remembering sorry but you have to get Phantom Kite card to unlock his missions and his romance on facebook some people did miss that

So it's more like

SAO- first encounter with Phantom Kite first mention of flirt

First mission- the girls realized that the player character is seeing Phantom Kite behind there backs and they start the tease.

Romance mission- the girls debate over the player character romance with Phantom Kite in the bar after that they agree to fight him the second time before Phantom Kite can get any closer to the player character after that they see Phantom Kite who stop trying to fight them and talks inside the player mind who can understand him and the girls slowly accept this with there words ending with '.....' and Phantom Kite decides to stay with them.

It looks like they see Phantom Kite as the player boyfriend but with Kite romance they don't get that hint at all it more like yeah you're being friendly to Kite and that's all however they did tease the player character also in Kite romance mission for spending so much time with him I think that the only time they noticed it.

So that my take on this I got 2 in 100 romance maybe that's enough.

Now the debate why Phantom Kite is there I believe he did come out of Azure Kite shadow I say that the second time you fought Azure Kite I noticed right off the bat that wasn't Azure Kite the coloring at that time told me it was something link to the Phantom's from .Hack//Guilty Dragon and I was right so wiki says that Phantom Kite takes after Kite AND Azure Kite what dose that mean?, now I have Phantom Kite and noticed his likes and dislikes I want to theorize that Phantom Kite is everything Kite and Azure Kite desired O_o wtf you say? well we know that Kite is friendly right? but he also has hidden desires that he wants to be mature and older and taller, so Azure Kite who a copy from Kite also desires this it hinted in .Hack//G.U. the way Azure Kite floats around and tries to act more mature and if you do the wedding with Azure Kite it says yeah Azure Kite trying to be the dominated one here,
So I want to say that both Azure Kite and Kite desire crash with Phantom Kite who personality is forceful at first That's why Phantom Kite personalty is off he tries to act friendly but then deadly at the same time, so that's why he sends the messages win you start his missions and romance mission and after that romance mission Phantom Kite personality changes yet again to softer side we never saw before.

That would explain why DD is taking right after them her personality is...yeah let's not talk about that it would make this way too long so this my debate and talk on this subject sorry to make it to long.

Now what I said about Phantom Kite arriving in this world thanks to Azure Kite that can be all wrong until we get proof so that just my emotions on it alright? And that talk about Phantom Kite being the desires of them that can be all nothing but theories so you can Ignore that if you want.
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