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.Hack//N.U. update again

Alright this new updated did add more movement!

I'm talking about character pose O_o it surprised me and they did change the expressions now and I think they updated the eyes
and made everyone cuter O_o now Sora kind of freak me out a bit his eyes now glow funny and Kite what is up with your eyes? and Phantom Kite eyes turn a yellow green color now great but I DO like how they are changed Kite from Phantom Kite just try to give them a gift and you will see so maybe they are trying to give them a different personalty now? but yes Phantom Kite just gotten more warmer and Kite is well Kite what did you expect? and Sora and Tsuaksa hasn't changed in the romance department yet well Tsuaksa is almost to level 80 and Sora way behind that

But the first time I down loaded the patch and Started my game and just let everyone come into the room my character wasn't there >_< uh what?? so everyone was talking and moving around but I noticed something my character was gone everyone ignored that sport it like they knew my character wasn't there...freaky and Kite didn't stay too long in the room I noticed that right off the everyone was switching around and I went into my menu and resent my support to the other players then come back and then my character showed up >_> so my character walks into the room and then everyone starts to react to them So far my two level 100 romance Kite and Phantom Kite act like stalkers lol Kite keeps looking at my character every time he talking to someone else *cough* and Phantom Kite almost dose the same thing but more rougher so I do like the changes

And you can date them with a special gift moment alone *mumbles* I tried that on my alt and the game froze T_T so yeah on twitter people was saying that made the game freeze so watch out for that and you can only do that every 3 hours I think they said?

Right sometimes around the 04/30/16

.Hack//G.U....Haseo?! we might get Haseo! maybe...

Well twin sword Haseo who back in his first outfit so do we want to guess what timeline he's from?? or maybe Haseo might have a updated outfit like Azure Kite? speaking of that how dose Haseo get to .Hack//N.U.? he don't have time travel like Tokio and he don't have illegal powers like Azure Kite so...not unless he randomly ends up there like Tsuaksa, Sora and Subaru

Aw this makes me want to AFK until the 30th on this game but having this update is motivating me to play this again honestly I was actually falling out of .Hack//N.U. T_T the last two events after Phantom Kite wasn't...interesting but a lot of people wanted those SR cards speaking of that Sora romance is different and Sora likes perfume that surprisingly so I wonder if Haseo will mirror Sora likes? like Phantom Kite did with Kite likes?

So with this update you can actually date them well sort of you can see you're object of desire blush like a girl omg lol
And then you can dream of what they do after that date *cough*
*ahem* moving on so yes you can in fact date a card

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