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.Hack//N.U. Update again and talk.


Not that I mind having Haseo his story introduction is odd it makes me wonder who was trying to attack him?

Yes he just randomly appears in .Hack//N.U. then gets attacked by something we find him and after healing him Haseo first form tries to the walk away that win the group get upset and try to fight him I was like 'wft' that part of Haseo personality guys.

Haseo 2nd is in the RNG random draw for 5-for one and 50 for 10 I tried both on my alts who was saving there crystals and none won him.

Not unless theory-
Haseo used the same method that Azure Kite was using you know the one we saw in SAO event? to get here and run into a monster that attack him after he arrived here?, or we got another PK we should be worried about but who the heck would randomly attack Haseo from behind and leave him not finishing him?? or was it in front? it look Phantom?, or Haseo B-st? I myself doubt it was Azure Kite but you never know it could be him to all that time in isolation could really mess with his mind and seeing Kite and having Phantom Kite come to this time yeah poor Azure Kite it just a bittersweet reminder he's all alone again.

We get another story added to the game the weapons are the same the only update we had is Haseo been added Haseo 2nd has been added to the RNG along with good SR card for another draw for 30 crystals has been added and the FP has been updated.

Haseo 2nd is in that draw until 5/6 so you got that long to try and win him yes Haseo Japanese voice actor has return Haseo 1st is a water element win Haseo 2nd is a fire element, I don't know how they are going to add Haseo 3rd if they ever do maybe he could be a staff magical user like he was in .Hack//Guilty Dragon?.

And No Haseo dose like not like perfume T_T but he like the other randomly stuff that Sora likes, like thorns both Sora and Haseo share this like I think Kite and Phantom Kite like it to beside that one food they love.

So yes 10 years for .Hack//G.U. and no hint of a PS4 game or remake or HD of the game CC2 has announced they are working on a game but it NOT .Hack related T_T


So here it my thoughts CC2 is still working on FF7R and they are now going to work on this game but no hints of anything .Hack yet since they are working on these 2 it might be a long time before they do work on anything .Hack for the PS4 or PC or Vita, that are my thought on it on the bright side CC2 has open something in Canada.


So is that the hope we're looking for? they was advertising jobs so this might work out for us maybe we might get .Hack//N.U. in English? that would be nice but you can beat on some words in the story and dialog to change, or it can mean we might get nothing that's another thought thinking about this so anything can happen.

But by the looks on twitter no one has won Haseo 2nd yet so the RNG must be high...or no one is trying.

So yeah 10 years since .Hack//G.U. that was a long time and no Haseo personality in Hack//N.U. look like it hasn't changed at all.

Right I didn't get Haseo 1st SR card I just made him on my 10 item I was fighting him to get his R card and he randomly drop his R card I was like O_o after I put in Kite and Phantom Kite in the same party I was alright he drop the R card because of them two right?, so I can build another Haseo 1st SR card if I want to for me that's more easy in that fight Haseo went after Phantom Kite not Kite I wished I record it or take a picture of it darn it.
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