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.Hack//N.U. voting


Shino! she did beat Atoli sadly T_T

Here it comes the voting in .Hack//N.U. in the game over at Japan what people voted for

ハセヲ 8,413 pawns them all once more followed by ハルイエ 5,915? I think that his name who people thought was a girl O_o followed by カイト 2,741 who comes in third but yes that guy people thought was a girl people sure do love him *cough* seriously do we need enough fan service??

But I guess the debate over who is more loved in Japan is finally over with now Kite has seriously beat Azure Kite for the longest time people liked Azure Kite over Kite but I think it's the fan girls who voted Haseo and Kite in the polls :P that is my guess and it's the fan guys who pushed for Alkaid in there, I myself voted Shino since I like her over Atoli sorry guys T_T

Now .Hack//N.U. give us the chance to get Shino SR card mumbles mumbles


But inside the game Haseo finally said his famous quote
'Do you know Tri-Edge?' I almost screamed at that but he said it to some random monsters O_o I was like Haseo they are monsters there is no way they would know Azure Kite er...Tri-Edge but yes 10 years has past since .Hack//G.U. Right?

If they do ever add Azure Kite I think Haseo should have some kind of talk with him I mean Haseo thinks he still chasing him after all this time I want to laugh and cry at this poor Haseo still trap in the past.

Omg sorry for getting off the topic seeing this just made me think of what is going on in the game.

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