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.Hack//N.U. update!


We got a update that's for sure it's a good update I might add.

Azure Kite has return

Nothing special if you add Haseo to the battle and if you noticed win you fight Azure Kite it set in .Hack//G.U. yes that room! and this time Azure Kite has a voice unlike last time we fought him during that SAO event.

So we have Kite, Phantom Kite and Azure Kite now all we need is DD and it will be finished.

And it seems Azure Kite likes mirror Kite's own likes no he don't like perfume :P
but ouch his voice win he really really likes something watch the ears...

by the way they given out a ticket to get a SR card with re-rolls I just spent it on a Kite upgrade witch I wish I went with Haseo 2nd form oh well but my alts got that one speaking of SR cards they updated the shop win you buy SR cards but the way they did that you spend more money you get chances of getting SR cards...but Shino is in that deck and I want that card.

Bluestacks updated but at first it almost made the game lag but it can handle this update but you might get some lag that what I experience win playing on my alt.

Now for both my 100 Kite and Phantom Kite romance they don't really react to Azure Kite that much except win I put Azure Kite in party and ignore Kite and Phantom Kite that win Kite will talk to my character a lot I'm like are you jealous Kite? but yes Haseo first form don't really react to Azure Kite that much either you could put them in the same party, As before Azure Kite don't really talk that much like in R;2 he mostly growls.

Azure Kite is a little more powerful then Phantom Kite but a little short on power versus a 70 something Kite.
But Azure Kite has skill win he uses a skill versus the normal Kite, once you get Azure Kite to a SR card.

but how Azure Kite attacks omg I think spinning around is graceful that is showing off that makes Kite look well bland I feel like there is some rival between them somehow maybe it's just me??

So yeah this time around Azure Kite just randomly comes to .Hack//N.U. world that is set in 2032 re-vice age and we find him and this time he drops his card! so yes we can get Azure Kite this time.

Yes in the game loading screen it says 2032 re-vice age, the date and the version of the world I think...I could be wrong correct me on this one.

For Azure Kite fight bring a water element and a healer as Azure Kite is a fire element.

Oh right Azure Kite dose not come with his weapons you have to give him one sadly to say so giving him that SR Twin fangs of abyss from R;2 would work that one you won from that SAO event I just did that and it fit him by the way if you missed out on the SAO event crossover they did long time ago, that win you could of gotten the empty skies SR weapon but that event is over with.

Twitter .Hack new world twitter page.

For Bluestacks to play the game without Japanese itunes account once you get Bluestacks look for the QooApp in search of bluestacks window and it should have Japanese Games and look for New world or under Bandai namco.
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