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Song: Shinjitsu no Yukue. shhh.


I'm kind of bored I played .Hack//G.U. Vol.1 US. Ver. It was funny the O and X are Japanese one X- is to block and O- is to attack. the same with Avator battles it backwords so I did look like newbie out there...but I beat US one the only Big diffrent was I got the e-mail from BlackRose and that other women forgot who she was...OH! and Azure Kite in US wasn't didn't do any hardly damge to my party unlike the Japanse .Hack//G.U. ware his attacks range into 100 damage in his attacks as US Kite did only 17 damange per attack it was kind of sad...his fire attack only did 35 damge to Pi and 50 to Kuhn...I was like what did they make US Kite weak?? Kite in Jap Fire attack range into some times 100 to yeah it proven they made English G.U. Kind of weak...beside all teh voice acting I found out.

Haseo sonds like Kouji from Digimon.
Atoli sonds like Sophia from Star Ocean3.
Pi sonds like a women who smoke a lot...
Kuhn sound like someone form Megaman or so I was told...
Ovan sound like a teacher it sad...
Yata sounds like...'....' don't know who he sounds like.
Endrance sounds like a girlyman older verson of Elk...
Sakubo I know her voice but I forgot who she sound like...
Azure Kite kind of sound like a girl win he get hit...beside he sound like the same old Kite we know. (Unlike Japanese Kite who sound more grown up)
Piros3rd sound like the same old Piros we know it scary (Polish3rd Japanese sound much bitter)

Forgivme if I'm making fun of .Hack//G.U. I'm not I'm just saying what the English Voice acting since I found out what Piros says to Haseo in battle I didn't use him no more...shame I wish I knew before I got him maxed out in Vol.2 violet Color eveone except Matsu and that guy that looks like a bird..

This I wanted to give out is my link to .Hack//G.U. Vol.2.Kimi Omofu Koe. ending it called 'Shinjitsu no Yukue' it nice song but it always reminds me of the Azure Knights for some odd help me with fanfiction win I do some parts with the Knights. but enough of talking hear you go.

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