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Tales of Berseria story and End.


T_T this game is big with mind games seriously poor Velvet and those dreams...

So this how the story ends...T_T Laphicet and Velvet will never...
And Innominate and Velvet dream of a life they can never have if you look at the pictures in the end T_T that very last picture hits home you know Laphicet can only watch Velvet and Innominate in the end.

But that's where the whole Reincarnation is in TOZ the 4 lords are... you get the idea who they are now.

but yes this game is dark and it plays on Velvet's mind from the very begging it was...all mind games.

But in the end Velvet made that choice to seal away Innominate since Innominate eats malevolence and Innominate can't be killed if you kill Innominate you also kill Laphicet since Velvet is the first Lord of Calamity she has malevolence in her so she lets Innominate eat unless they do something about Innominate they cannot free Velvet she might be stuck there forever.

This is not the first time the dreams play with Velvet mind nope.

I think Laphicet and Innominate are two side of the same coin with emotions and there desire for Velvet love and hate all the mind games that Innominate dose to Velvet and his twisted desires show how much he hated being weak win he was human but on the other hand Laphicet shows how much he loves being innocent and deep emotions for Velvet.

and yes Artorius is Van he did it to changed the world and for the women he loved.

You can guess who Seres is right? she was inside Velvet the whole story and I think after that Seres was finally set free win Velvet made her choice I think Seres got reborn in TOZ know *cough* she might be...Lailah but we don't know yet.

Fun fact Artorius was the first 'Shepherd' in the game but Shepherds wasn't what they was called they was called Exorcist and there was more then 'one' among them maybe Shepherd was used by someone who wanted to erase the bloody past? maybe of the book keepers or maybe Lailah?.

So with this ending compared to TOZ ending cliffhanger anyone?? or another game?.
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