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.Hack//New world update Event.


This time this event is omg

Phantom Haseo has arrived bit of a joke that he tries to go after Shannon my feeling they was trying to make some kind of pun out of this with all the fan services going around you know.

But his voice is the same voice used for Phantom Kite I was like alright they sound alike now O_o

On my main I got Haseo 1st, Beast Haseo and now Phantom Haseo and Haseo 1st is like 'wft' is going on?

Fun fact Phantom Haseo and Phantom Kite are almost the same height so yes the Phantoms are really tall we just need Sharp BlackRose now and Phantom Tsukasa but yes Phantom Haseo makes Haseo 1st look so feminine and girly lol.

My RNG got lucky and I got Shino SR card I'll post a picture of her later but she loves loves loves sweets stuff like if you give her the mountain of Ice cream she will really like you that one way of getting Shino romance up high.

But yes Haseo 1st and Shino do talk it nothing big like Haseo 1st noticed that Shino is there or not.

I might go after Shino I got the Water element Shino SR Card there are two types Fire or Water that you can get with the randomly RNG in the store.

But yes I went back to the old bluestacks since I had troubles with Goggle account on the blue stacks I found a old version just before the bluestacks 2 come out and I went to however Luna my alt who was there from the begging got erased T_T she had Kite's SR weapons I still have that account friends with my main but I can't get to it.

I want to get upset but yes just watch out win you do use bluestacks make sure to back up your saves if you can I just learn the hard way so I made another alt again this time this account is way too new.

Phantom Haseo-
Phantom Haseo is from .Hack//Guilty Dragon a game we once had and is no more but now he's in this event in .Hack//New world the year MONOREAL The world 2032, ALTIMIT CC The World:Re-vice age, Phantom Haseo is a water element so bring Wind elements to the fight and Phantom Haseo can get annoying the more higher the level is Phantom Haseo also has that skill where he get's low of HP and Phantom Haseo will cast it it will heal to almost full and cast a dark shadow over him alright more likely blue shadow but you get the idea.

Just before you fight Phantom Haseo that girl you pick out that helps you and give you advice she will say something about HP like a warning but all these events are they CC doing? if you played a .Hack game you know what I'm talking about and why are the Phantoms showing up in the first place? in .Hack//Guilty Dragon Phantoms used dark power to turn normal players into mindless Phantoms a.k.a. zombies the Phantoms lived off there dark power and the more they had the more they become powerful, yes both Phantom Kite and Phantom Haseo will say 'I'll eat you' if you give them gifts that a reference back to .Hack//Guilty Dragon and back to Phantom Kite heart events in .Hack//N.U. he was all this time trying turn 'You' the player into a Phantom but always failed to win Phantom Kite lost the fights, another strange thought the Phantoms are drawn to you the player character in this event no one else either that or the player character in .hack//new world has really bad luck running into them.

But originally that what the Phantoms did back in .Hack//guilty dragon but I'm surprised that the events are allowing us the player character be friendly with them because I don't know how many time we fought them in .Hack//guilty dragon I know we fought Phantom Kite almost past a dozen or more times.
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