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.Hack new world RNG Cards.


 photo IMG_0016_zpseypvr538.jpg
Pai from .hack//G.U. she is a wind element and very good to have.

 photo IMG_0017_zpsagk5wcaf.jpg
Shino she is a water element she don't heal she adds a buffs.

 photo IMG_0018_zpsrypgxdpe.jpg
Alberio is a Fire element Sword user.

Alright spoilers major spoilers!

Pai event-
Pai stars off by tracking you the player character someone see her and recognizes her from project G.U. as Pai is watching the player character fight some random monsters Pai even knows the player character name O_o right off the bat she labels the player character is a AI but Pai is surprised win the girls tell the player character to help fight the random monster after the battle Pai makes a 'ah' nose and approaches the group win the player character responds Pai is most shock, Pai asks the player character that they are not a normal AI the girls don't believe anything Pai says and takes the player character away from Pai and Pai warns the group the player character might be dangers.

Win Pai says the player character is not normal you can either majorly say 'no' or quietly ignore it making Pai even more suspicious note the girls even get !? with the player character if you choose that.

This is Pai first event.

Shino first event-
The girls are in town with the player character they spot Shino who looks gloomy as usual and the girls make a comment on it you get a choice either acknowledge why Shino is all in black or be very clueless and ask what is going on making the girls ask !? again rather choice you make don't matter win PKers show up Shino even greets them and ask about 'The key of Twilight' making the Pkers joke around with her that win the girls plus you step in to stop them from attacking Shino as the blond Julie? is that her name? The blond Sword user gets upset at Shino saying she should watch herself as Shino explains why she was being nice
Then she asks the group if they know about the Key of Twilight the old rumor from R;2.

Over all it depends what choice you make here Shino will tell you why she looking for it she wants to bring back Ovan that what I got from this and she spelled out O-v-a-n name.

And yes win Shino explains why she being nice she said it was from someone teaching.

And yes Shino never mentions Haseo at all T_T they do talk but that's it.

Alberio event-
It starts off with someone talking to Alberio telling him about something going on in the world that sparks interested in Alberio about the rumors going around the player character after the talk Alberio is having trouble with some random monster the group shows up to help him do we get a thanks? nope Alberio comes at the group with a furry this moment he reminds me of Balmung,
he labels the player character as a AI as the girls have to give a reason why the player character should exist after Alberio calmed down then he start to think about Lycoris he starts to compare the player character to Lycoris and that get him to agree to let them go but with a warning.

You are also given the same choice you had with Pai event confirm or ignore it ends in different results in talk but the results also gets the girls talking "!?" very suspicious or not to Alberio.

Alberio is very very VERY Tsundere but if you give him books he will love you more *cough* and yes he seems very attached to Haseo 1st and Haseo 1st seems to be attached to Alberio more then he is with Azure Kite or Kite or Shino or anyone else that what I noticed win they talk O_o I don't know how many times Haseo 1st glared at Kite who was trying to be friendly with Alberio and that made Kite go running to the player character after that O_o uh...Haseo 1st is a uke?
Alberio emotions is strange he will go after Haseo 1st and denied Kite but if he sees the player character talk to Kite or Azure Kite or even anyone else that makes him upset 'wtf' moment.

Having Alberio in the group makes a lot of drama for sure there some conflict between him and Kite that for sure and poor Haseo 1st if he get denied by Alberio he will go talk to Shino or Phantom Haseo I think the bad thing is Alberio is comparing the player character to Lycoris that what making it bad...

And I got a feeling that Alberio was in love with her that my thoughts I can be wrong.

With Pai and Alberio events this makes me think is the player character a AI that Aura made? That would make sense if you maxed out Azure Kite 100 romance event win you use G.O.D. to stop him I think he knew that why the choices in that event made the girls question the player character or maybe I'm over thinking it, ah maybe that's why Kite trying to go after Alberio he reminds him of Balmung? but Alberio is not too accepting to Kite at all as for Haseo 1st I don't know why he tries to like Alberio is beyond me new shipping come up lol omg the fan service the only thing that Alberio and Haseo 1st has is they are both Tsundere.

But these are events you can randomly get by the RNG card the shop and real money I was lucky to get them.

And Pai loves that cup the black cup you might know what it is and Pai dislikes books, Alberio likes no loves books, and Shino give her the Mt of Ice cream for her love Shino love sweets and she at level 80 right now in romance.

Sorry all pics are taking off my Iphone using my Ipad Air that why but the story and events are from what I can tell so far with my broken Japanese sorry.

What I like to do is go into .Hack//New world get my character to sit down and let them talk watch who is talking to who and watch them knock one another out that how you can tell who they like or don't like that's cheesy I know it I'm a fan girl.

With the alts I have the romance or talk or whatever you call it is different it might depend on what level of romance you're with anyone like if you spend more time with the girls or that special card you love that can result in different talk.
Since this save I have this character going after guys that results to this drama, on my alt I have a character going after girls well that makes the guys go after the girls like crazy it's odd so I assume everyone save's er games are very different it's all up to you to decide.
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