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.hack n.u. story


Alright just got halfway through the story and to the part where the girls mints DD wants you the player character to admit something and yes you fight DD at a high level and she has lots of HP after that you the player character saves DD with G.O.D. after that a mysteries voice tells DD something after that a few more missions and you realize by the dialog that you and DD are so much the same after that.

DD admit that she is a program and that her name is her code name or something (I can be wrong)

after that you can ask a question or try to "....." it but after that you get a choice to thank the little girl that with you (I forgot her name sorry) or not thank her for the powers

But no I'm still working on this story mission yet bring wind elements that will help again this is what I'm getting so far with the story correct me if I'm wrong but yes I assume both DD and the player are both... you know that would explain why the player character has no class or can fight on it's own and you can use Cards a.k.a. Hero's someone like Kite or Haseo or Shino as you're avatar.

Again correct me if I'm wrong about this.

But yes I always did question why we WAS given Kite SR card at the begging of the game I assume that Kite is supposed to be our avatar would that make sense?? So I finally change to Kite SR card who at level 70 on my main and Kite is very very very friendly with my player character now after this O_o he wasn't that friendly win I was using Azure Kite SR fire card seriously...or maybe it has to with the romance level???
Or maybe win you first choose twin blade you're starter card IS a wind element maybe...maybe Kite goes with elements!? So if you choose the other element fire or water you're blocking his element?? o_O

So if you're trying to romance a element or you're favorite card you might want to be the right element I think...(again I can be wrong about this)

Again other people games er saves can be different then mine this is what I'm getting from this save.

Off the topic there is another Kite a SR fire Kite who is RNG luck by the store I have not won him at all.

But it looks like the newly upgrade SR cards replace the old one I won a newly SR Tsuaksa who was a water element versus his old SR wind element card and he replaced his old card so yeah that something to think about meaning you can't have both water and wind element Tsukasa in party.

But yes this is what is going on in this game this is my little update on my drama.

And yes after I moved SR Kite as my player character avatar I noticed Haseo 1st and Azure Kite talking to one another again >_> er...never mind I think I know lol the fan service omg, but I'm thinking Kite is very happy and more relaxed knowing what the player character is thinking and doing being the avatar maybe it just me??....O_o; dun dun dun maybe...the player character was made for!?....*cough*.......

Well that just my thoughts don't mind me.
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