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.Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Player Info part1.


I think I might be kind of late on this but here goes.

Azure Kite.
Azure Balmung.
Azure Orca.

Are Playble but it seems Orca and Balmung class change win you get them they turn into Edge Punisher. win you get them. no new info on Natsume or the other two that was going to join you so yeah vary little info yet...


Updated as well new info on Data Drain it seems Haseo well use it as 'Awaking' that going to be sad becuse I just wanted him to do a normal DD. well at lest he dose DD. no other new info except Gabi in a Tong. I think I just died...but I thought I saw this on someone else Japanese sights I can't remeber But I saw that picture before...oh well. but so little info but at lest it something...

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