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.Hack//N.U. DD


I found more tweets about this the rumors is.

So DD get's turn evil as he body is taken over by--bad guy.

Remember this pic? This is what DD looks like after...that!?
DD looks like Azure Kite...*cough* and her hair is longer...
Honestly I thought this was a new girl long time ago but this is DD? she really changed.

Wait can we assume the red eyes is a hint to who is controlled?? So is the crying women being controlled to?
(theory) or the crying women can be evil do we really know?? Someone correct me on this one.

Very ironic it started with DD and the Crying women and it will end with them? Win you start the game What the first thing we see? The crying women shows up and DD chasing her so now they might be both controlled?

You also get this after that DD SR card!! DD is a fire element and she might get along with Haseo *wink* *wink*

translations- "Dwarf-got DD" who is Dwarf? that big guy?? or the evil guys? Whoever it is must like the teal hair women Just kidding :P Sorry my mind just went there...>_> So at odds Dwarf got DD and Crying women but we got the other Kite copies that's good enough and Kite himself.
(Maybe they was after Kite to but Aura was protecting him by giving Kite to us!? Wait...I'm starting to think they was after Aura to...) theory.
This guy?? or the guy in charge? The pretty one with violet eyes and dark hair? If not the big guy beside the crying hair women is that is with the 3 brothers? Correct me on this one.

I don't know if this is true I never made it that far yet 8 stories and 11 battles is a lot to do >_>
And I'm like 2 stories away from that and dealing with Pkers who are...nuts and annoying.

My emotions are they should of never made the battles so long it's...time consuming so the battles right now bring a fire element but yes the bad guys might have DD body doing...? we want to know?...

If DD is a the legit copy made by Aura and she is a Kite clone DD has the power and I have new theories in Pai event she said that the player character was a AI right?

Well I'm thinking...since people on twitter was talking about getting a e-mail from...themselves it surprised me our character might be a AI maybe...copy of a real person...O_O made by the 3 brothers.

Maybe this AI our character was supposed to bring chaos but Aura might of stopped it buy awaking us that my theory or I can be wrong about it correct me on this one. (theory)

So the 3 brothers are our...that? All that this moment I'm thinking of fullmetal alchemist story...

You get one of the brothers as a SR card and he knows the player character so that is a hint and you see them again way later on.

After thinking that there might be thoughts that DD might be part of the final battle.

So far the story is about DD getting taken over nothing about the ending yet.

Yes I was looking for the ending but nothing yet.'s a cliffhanger ending? They won't do that to us...would they??


.Hack//N.U. vol 2...nah...that can't be...

Well this is what is going on so far I can get together with the help of twitter since I'm not that far into the story thank you the people who posted this on twitter.

But whatever I said is a theory until someone can confirm this I'm not that far int the story so this is my thoughts and twitter talk so take this in mind.
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