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.Hack//N.U. story end? part?


I've found one post about the ending seriously??

Nothing else is said...


Cliffhanger ending!? Noooo

But if anyone else knows about the ending to .Hack//N.U. please let me know!

I'm thinking if that the ending it's a step down from .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending.

However I think this is story ending to that story correct me if I'm wrong.

No one else is talking about the ending to that story we know that DD got maybe corrupted otherwise nothing else is said??

So the rumors of .Hack//N.U. being in vol? might be true?

All I know more rumors about Final Fantasy 7 R being made on is floating around I'm saying it's rumors but we do know that CC2 is ONE of the people helping Square enix with this so stopping .Hack//N.U. around this time makes CC2 more time to help on FF7-R.

最終日となる明日12/9(金)は 12:00~12:59 の開催となります
events ends this guy I think is the one.

But yes the days are counting down to .Hack//N.U. final goodbye T_T

As of this moment I realized I'll never get DD card T_T this is too sad if only...

I feel bittersweet seeing them as the days go bye...I think on the last day I just give all my items out to them and that will be it beside watching them until the game shuts down...

remember 20th of December 19th for us .Hack//N.U. will be gone forever.
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