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Star Ocena Anamesis DL.


【正式サービス開始】 サービスを正式に開始いたしました! 「さぁ、星の海へ旅立とう。」
And now we're off to the sea of stars.



Wooo Star Ocean anamnesis is official!

Use bluestacks if you don't have a Japanese Itunes account

Bluestacks for PC I use the older version but it works.

I'm going to be giving this a try maybe it can fill the hole that was .Hack//N.U. win the game is gone...

But it looks like the beta was good and it all ready to go.

I love Star Ocean as much as I do with .Hack and Final Fantasy and Tales.

I still want a Star Ocean 3 remake with Star Ocean 2 for the PS4.

But yes I'm going to be DL this game tonight and see how it is.

With the help of my broken Japanese I might be able to play it...god help me *laughs uneasy*

But yes this game for phone is out.

This game is Japanese and no word on a English version yet just thought let you know.

Alright have fun.

update- just got done dl it to my phone and I get login error nooo but people on twitter are having the same issue omg can't get into game...

update 2- omg the game is loading now! alright time to play.

update 3- just got to the title and it stopped T_T and it won't let me in! nooo
Luther is that you?? a message comes up and nothing happens...omg!

Twitter saying server are down what??
maintenance notice.

Wow oh wow I think it was way too many people that crashed the server couldn't handle it so that must be a lot of people right?
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