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.Hack//N.U. What??? account issues.


Bluestacks 2 was acting up again.

>_> I had to remove bluestacsk 2 completely it would not open anything I was sad...T_T

I thought this was it I was going to lose what I restored so I downloaded Bluestacks 2 again and...

Saw .Hack//N.U. was still there O_O alright so I open the game and was faced with this...

Lunar and Luna!? Noooo don't make me choose! T_T

I had to choose what account to use T_T b-but this never happen win I was using the old bluestacks Luna never never showed up!

Luna showed up in Bluestacks 2 not Bluestacks 1 but Lunar was made to replace Luna she was my alt...

Well I thought Lunar did do everything and maxed out Kite and Azure Kite and Luna she was gone for a long very long time so I went with Luna...RIP Lunar omg I had lots of useless cards in Luna's account.

And I think it's fitting that I've lost Luna long time ago and got her back just near the end...


I got My main my second main and Luna back and lost Lunar since they are both on the same Bluestacks 2.

That a bit drama if you ask me omg...but Luna just reached level 80 with Kite so I'm working on that maybe Haseo we will see how far she can go before times runs out.

IF I knew this was going to happen I would of done it long time ago! >_> omg Bluestacks!

So Bluestacks has issues omg watch out for that it was hard picking between Luna and Lunar seriously.

Well Lunar was made out of the memory win I thought I've lost Luna but...ugh.

But yeah I'm not going to even come close to finishing story on Luna account she way too behind.

This is my little drama over here don't mind me...

Huh...I noticed Luna account has Atoli O_o she chasing Haseo 1st around and he's keeps running away from her O_o *cough* in talk wise yes I need to go through the cards in Luna account.
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