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.Hack//N.U. time end.

In Japan it's about 6:33 am there and it's the 20th now the ending said 12:59(in game it said) from now that's 7:00 hours from now so about roughly 7:59 pm that win .Hack//N.U. might end...

Omg I stayed up almost all night just watching them it was heartbreaking. (I did take breaks every 3 hours and stop the game and given them a break)

I taken a nap I finally woke up 1:35 pm here and it's about 6:36 am over there on my main I login and Kite was the first to greet me beside Azure Kite I almost cried...

twitter is going mad since last night posting about .Hack//N.U. use search
"ニューワールド" to find the tweets.

But I just looked up dec 20th and didn't the original .hack end sometimes in December?
I think I remember that from .hack//liminality it makes me wonder why they didn't wait until dec 25 for it to end...

This is so sad the final moments are on us.

I thought I post this and yes I'll come back win the game is gone T_T

I just now noticed that .Hack//N.U. in the bottom of my iphone and ipad they both say
"Good morning" alright I'm emotional right now...the app is saying that in a gray window...T_T

So the way they timed it we got 2 more romance mini games that we did today one that started at 7:00 am this morning and now the timer cools down it will begin again at 7:00 pm this evening just in time for the game to end...daily showed this is our last gold chest so this is the end.
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