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2017 What to expect? .Hack


So we all know that 2017 is the year of .Hack//G.U. right?

All the hints we saw from twitter might lead to .Hack//G.U. remake or HD right?

or is all the hints toward .Hack//N.U. vol2?

With .Hack//N.U. closed and two possible endings the choices is up to them.


I don't understand how .Hack//N.U. was going to be for the G.U. fans I don't see the story being the same...

so with all the hype of twitter finally going down are we going to get the hints?

I would love to see a remake of .Hack//G.U. for the PS4 and not a phone game but I still miss the phone game so...ugh.

Thoughts and Theory-

however would the remake of .Hack//G.U. stay the same as the original for the PS2? I myself
would not like the story changing at all like it did in .Hack//Link *cough*

I wish they would of added more characters to it and the debate if they should add anymore Kite copies to the story that would be fun to see but Azure Kite should get more spot light since that where Azure Kite comes from and he has more ties with Haseo then Kite.

Why I say that it's true Azure Kite has more ties with Haseo and people would love to see the drama between the two but if Kite was ever ever added I think some conflict between Kite and Azure Kite needs to be there somehow.

But no nothing is said right now this is just my thoughts and theories about it as they said on twitter to help support them again and I think we might get some news in 2017 I hope so.

but on the other side is the rumor news of FF7-R that one game everyone IS waiting for and CC2 is helping them you know the people who made Naruto and .Hack yeah them.

So we might get FF7-R first then the news of .Hack anything maybe...but I hope it's not too late.

So 2017 must be a good year right? We hope so.

but yes this is a small update.

And yes I would love anything .hack related in 2017 but I hope for a PS4 game please.
after new years I might put on .Hack//G.U. and replay it for 2017 on my PS2.

happy holidays.
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