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.Hack//N.U. Time limited??


「.hack//New World」のラストを見逃した方、最初から最後まで振り返りたい方!期間限定でストーリー公開中ですのでぜひご覧ください!

"those who have gone from the beginning until the end, missed the last.hack//New in the world! Stories published in is for a limited time so please check it out!"

What?? they are going to remove this??


It's official they are going to remove everything that IS .Hack//N.U. so that .Hack//N.U. vol.2?? T_T

Well the game is closed and now the story they posted is going to be gone now what?

But this is 2017 the year of .Hack//G.U. what is going on with CC2?

Hopefully they won't forget about .hack at all this makes me worried a bit but I think

it's translated EN.

So that how DD got that horn on her head and here I always thought it was part of her blades but she looked cute without that horn and did we ever find out IF DD is a Kite clone?? DD has the colors and the hair it would be odd if she wasn't.

So the magical unicorn that our player character saw given us the power and given DD that horn and the little girl is named Algiers.

I also noticed that DD eyes changed to a emerald color win she got that horn hmm...emerald eyes...Azure Kite?
If DD is not a Kite clone maybe the power from Aura? *cough* I'm thinking the whole magical unicorn is part of Aura creations the whole our character saw a women in the begging that was Aura.

I think that's how DD got that power was because of that horn but DD is a major Tsundere from what I can tell quite the opposing element that is Kite however Azure Kite I think has a small element of Tsundere in him but not as bad as Haseo has it.

So I'm guessing they are going to post some parts of the story and erase it from the .Hack//N.U. blog.

Short version-
Our Character saw Aura who told us to and then we wake up in from that dream running into DD who become our rival who looks a lot like a Kite clone but acts no where like Kite at all, and our character sees a magical unicorn who given us the power and given DD the horn and after running into DD many times she finally breaks down and is nice to us after we fight her so many times.

Thoughts and theory-

I don't know if our player character is real I mean Pai event was hinting our character was a AI or something and I was not surprised that Pai knew our name already.

And given the fact we need SR card to fight...unlike the normal people who we fight ageist in this game.

This is kind of confusing and this was supposed to be for the .Hack//G.U. is .Hack//N.U. in any story related to .Hack//G.U.?? I don't see anything...except Tsundere DD who acts like Haseo who also a Tsundere not unless they wanted to give DD that cold personality that Haseo did have before vol.3? But that kind of don't works...DD is a girl and she looks like a Kite clone that just throws it off...not unless they wanted to mess with your mind by making DD look like a Kite clone but she isn't...but in the end she got powers by the magical unicorn.

But you got to remember dream and reality can conflict in a .Hack game and you got to remember what .Hack was about and how the bad people was in .Hack games acted...

So that ending in .Hack//Versus movie where we see Aura trapped in a fire pit cage was that reality? Is this all of Aura dreams?

If you go back and watch the plot of .Hack//Versus you would know some group was after Aura I don't know how they ended that.
I'm not too sure if they ever touched on what happen to Aura after the movie and you would see that .Hack//Versus was one of Aura this is confusing.

However they do hint that the people behind .Hack//Guilty Dragon might of been behind .Hack//N.U. remember .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending was that player character ended up going to a whole new reality .Hack//N.U. but that's not quit the same for the player character from .Hack//N.U.

I should stop this since I'm mixing my thoughts with theories and posting...sorry.

So I'm looking forward to more .Hack news anything even maybe something on .Hack//G.U.?

Oh yeah I went back to my old save from .Hack//G.U. vol.3 to test it out and wow...Azure Kite is silently clingy with Haseo O_O I forgotten about that and I almost forgot how fun .Hack//G.U. was omg...that is a major upgrade from any .Hack phone games.

Come on .Hack for PS4 please.
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