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Star Ocean Anamnesis Update!


SOA公式生放送 "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM" #08 Scheduled for Jan 23, 2017

Quote "艦長・・・公式サイトになぞのメッセージが…いったい何でしょう?"
Translate- Captain: official site mystery message. What on Earth?
Forgot to turn the BMG on >_< it's VP music alright crossover time? Hit the green BMG for music.

Omg that message it scared me win I'm listing to this

So today I'm listing to SO2 OST and looking a twitter and this comes up


Twitter people says it has to do with...girls...what? They use the adult words so never mind I think I just ruined the mood lol.
update- people says it might have to do with Lezard...Lezard Valeth? alright we get the idea...*cough* now it makes sense why they said that on twitter 'pervert Lezard' what would be crazy if we had a battle with Lezard and someone else but my guess he might be a new event or a new RNG card but I hope they keep Lezard personality. (I want a Lezard boss battle now)

This is not the first time VP and Star Ocean crossed over and people want Lenneth now she would be OP very OP.

And one person beside the fan base thinks it might be a crossover with VP we hope so as you know they do have VALKYRIE ANATOMIA I never did play it.

I myself would like to fight old bosses from Star Ocean somehow and crossovers are welcome but listing to SO2 OST did bring back memories.

On my Ipad air in my party Faize 6 star just made him into one omg he pawns after getting him to 6 star, 5 Star Nel she a healer they given her card away free and some random blond hair guy who is 4 star so get the character you like to 6 stars as soon as possible.

On my Iphone I got 5 Star Miki who I'm starting to like her Japanese voice O_o and 5 Star Faize seriously? and 4 Star girl from SO3 she one of Nel's...I forgot her name...Farleen got it 5 Star Myuria and 5 Star Lymle I never use them both I just need Edge and Reimi now and I almost have everyone now that's on my Iphone save.

Before I'd re-rolled into a new account on my Iphone I had 5 star Maria and 5 star Cliff if you get a chance get them they are OP.

Maria is easy to play Cliff is just power I like playing magic users so on my Iphone save I'm going between Miki and Faize I was thinking of Myuria but I also got her on my Ipad save and using her

And yes Lightspeed Kenny stalks both my old saves and my new ones seriously that guy I have nothing bad to say about Stephen D. Kenny it just I never never use him O_o him and that odd ball Pavine I never use him either omg him and Stephen love to stalk my games O_O

I was thinking win re-rolling a new account our first battle who did you pick? I'm thinking that win you choose out of Maria, Fidel and Myuria It also affects what and who you get that just a theory.

Win I picked Fidel in our first battle and got mostly fighters, next two new account draws I got long range cards win I switched to Maria so maybe something there? I don't know either that or the RNG is RNG.

But so far I have not spent any money in this game it's very very tempting to.
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