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I was just messing around with my apps so I pulled up .Hack//N.U. and I click on the 'world' button so fast it loaded--to blue screen and back to tittle...T_T

nooo don't tease me like that.

I know .Hack//N.U. is gone but I still have it on my phone and Ipad.

but ever since I started playing SOA star ocean anamnesis the app itself tries to open win I start my phone almost annoying.

Reddit on reddit side bar is the link to discord I never use it but people do to me it looks like a mash of facebook and twitter but other people run it social media is very interesting.

I still miss .Hack//N.U. but...I hope sometimes in 2017 we get some news on .hack anything related.

So yes this just happen to me win I was looking at my phone and apps waiting for SOA to update.

This is a small post of what just happen you can ignore it.
Tags: .hack, .hack//n.u. moments, 2017, apps, discord?, false hope, future looks?, i have small hope, i still have that app, memories of that game, my moments, new world is gone, phone, random post, random thoughts, reddit, social media discord, star ocean anamnesis, that game is on my phone, waiting for update, you can't use this app

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