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.Hack//G.U. vol.3 Info07.


Found this info a bit too late 2 days late I might add but at lest I found it so yeah it answers some qustions about the Azure they failed to erase Ovan and it seems G.U. have taken there Job to erase AIDA so what are THEY doing in Vol.3? before they get strong and try and fight Haseo win he get his X-from. maybe putting Kite back tougher agin since him being torn apart piece by piece by a.k.a. Ovan. but this movie shows Sakaki wanted Haseo to kill him or he saying 'kill me' over and over agin. maybe he has some sense on what is going on for a 10 year old?. Sorry for being late dame storm knocekd my Power out for 2 days knocked Intel off for almost a week!. but yeah sending my money order out in the morning for Vol.3 Got to have this game even if I can't understand it I well play it.

I thik they should of Switch Vol.2 Music with Vol.3 it would of made it more Dharma.


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