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SOA thoughts.


So people are saving up for the new event.

However as you know hard Luther is out and people say you have to dodge if your going to use Albel.

I never did try fighting hard Luther but they say he has more HP and that attack.

So mainly I have both accounts on auto and just playing around doing normal fights.

I noticed something odd my main I have Fayt as leader and he acts normally right? So on my Second account I set Albel as leader and Fayt second and Fayt is...stalking Albel I think that might be another throw back to SO3 if you put Albel as leader it's cute and kind of funny.

And yes I got to save up money to buy SO3 and DL to my PS4 off my Japanese account so this might be the first time I'm going to play the Japanese version of SO3.

From what I can tell people are having a hard time playing as 'Albel' with the harder Luther fight so my guess is they are not dodging right or don't know how to play as him as Faize he's kind of hard to play as also but yes you really have to dodge a lot playing as Faize.

I think I also seen a video where all girls was fighting hard Luther and was on youtube so I don't know what to say.

As for hard Luther I think have Rena for her fast healing.

However as for now people want the new event to start already and there is a new weapon draw in the store you have to have gems for them.
I did here they are somewhat good.

So yes this is a small update and for now I went back to SO3 on my PS2 and I just realized how much I missed that game.

I'm also playing SO2 the original version not star ocean second evolution I'm playing the original version on the emulator and wow I missed the old voices.
You can find it here but somehow I lost my disk 2 of this game >_> but yes this game works alright on my windows 10 PC.
For this I'm using a simple Logitech controller and it works I got it at fred meyer I never used so I put it to use I think last years.
The Emulator I'm using ePSXe200 it works alright.

So I'm getting my Star Ocean fix seriously this is Star Ocean madness.

This makes me wish they have Star Ocean on Steam I would buy them in a heartbeat but yes Star Ocean 3 HD is out for Japan for the PS4 and you have to have yen to buy it so I'm going to go after that next no word on English version yet.
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