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SOA RNG Results


Time for my results.


Well I tried my main account rolled for Celine and the results was...Sarah >_> *sigh* I don't need her on my main got Rena for that.

My alt account flat out said don't need any of them T_T

Celine looks cool and Sarah isn't that bad I tried them with rentals now since I got so many on my main account I think I'm going to wait for Edge now after that maybe that enough and then I'll focus on my alt account.

 photo IMG_0725_zpsdun3mnfr.png
Fayt 10LB

 photo IMG_0727_zps19cftluw.png
Luna account my main

 photo IMG_0726_zpsxw4ywwc0.png
Auto battle all the way with Starter weapon on Fayt and rent Rena.

 photo IMG_0069_zpsaspvsns7.png
Zero account my Alt account poor Zero.

 photo IMG_0071_zpsnq7x576v.png
Holy--sword T_T

 photo IMG_0070_zps0gsvrpls.png
Fayt with that Sword

So yes that Sword on my alt Zero account is the one I wanted on my main and why??
Well it don't do much for Fayt who has light element in his attacks already but I just want it for damage.

So yes this is my picture of my boxes and my main is Fayt 10LB my alt just got that far but it looks like getting Fayt is hard in RNG some people don't have him yet.

So yes the RNG good luck with getting Celine or Sarah.

Now let's if you're starting a new account I say good luck to you farming mats and Prism orbs are going to be a uphill battle people was saying do story for a bit get good enough level and fly into multiplayer find people who will help you and don't feel bad if you get kicked.

I say from experience Fayt to 10LB wasn't easy and wasn't cheap it was struggle for me I had to buy Premium witch you use real money for and that help a lot it basically some exp cubs, prism orbs and the stones you use for LB a character that's 14 days so it helps in the long run but if you just want gems people was saying don't go for Premium and by the cheaper ones off the store.

So it still a slow build up but it works I might not LB any more on my account if I do get enough I might LB Albel more since he's high.

Some people who say they don't buy into Premium and they say they are playing Free to play it's hard you got to use maybe one character a good one and stick to them there are a lot of people who spend a lot of money in this game and have maybe more then 3-5 characters 10LB.

Right now people are saying Rena is top healer Fayt is wanted and Clair is good and it looks like Claude is having a bit trouble I don't know I don't really use him that much but for me Albel is good if you use Albel as main stick with his long rang attack and Dais is still a tank.

Leanne Wedding is pretty good from what I heard and she is fun to play as if my alt didn't have Fayt I would use her and if you don't have Rena get Sarah she has Angel feather, and Faerie light that is a must for buffs she not a fast as Rena but she more useful.

So if I'm not fighting a major boss I don't use Dais so Dias is my tank put a good weapon hopefully a 5 on him and watch him go you need a defender on the team and a healer if you don't have one rent one otherwise I just use random people if it's not boss and just framing and it looks like both accounts almost use the same set up lol >_<;

Now the feedback people are saying Celine is good but she kind of slow at casting...? I don't know but her Starlight looks good and if you are using Myuria it looks like Celine is a upgrade from her if that makes sense.

And if you don't have Dias or can't get him Victor is good so is Shimada people said Shimada really? Might as well say Stephen D. Kenny to.
I don't use Shimada or Stephen so I'm not too sure about this but if you have Victor use him.

As for healer use Rena or try to get Sarah if you can't get them stick with Miki or Millie I'm not saying Ivilish is good if you get her use her but beware if you don't have her weapon she is slow at casting and you got to play as her or her AI will not healer right I say that from experience otherwise she alright.

For mages Faize is still the fast caster with Sophia and her buffs that's set to go Celine might fit in the middle and Myuria would be last?

Shooters is Leanne Wedding that is one shooter you might want to get from my experience Reimi at 0LB dose pretty good damage with a good 5 star weapon and if you can't get none of them Maria would do people might not say Reimi but if you get a really good weapon for her like I did with my main holy she can nuke foes win playing as her she was faster then Fayt in battle er...alright not in speed but attack and killing foes I had to take her out since she OP with that weapon it was one the red bows and it's pretty powerful and I felt if I'm going to be using Fayt I don't want Reimi to kill foes before he can do anything so I taken her out.

So that why Reimi wasn't in party in the picture and yes Reimi on my main not my alt.

For attackers oh god
Fayt is wanted right now for his skills and power once you get Fayt to 10LB he's pretty powerful and you might need a good weapon on him.
Claude is struggling from what I heard I don't use him so I don't know sorry.
Cliff is still powerful but on the right bosses.
Michael the guy from SO2 I heard he's alright but if the element is not right don't use him and he's a fire element.
Lenneth is not forgotten if you have the right party with her she can be useful otherwise...

Now the damage I did with my main account I need a better sword for Fayt so if I spend anymore money I'm going for weapon draw.

My alt is alright but oh man I wanted that sword for my main and I'm still working on my alt to get that weapon up it's not even 10 yet so...ugh.

So yes that is a little update I might talk about more win we do get Edge I'm going to roll for him on both accounts.

And may the RNG luck be with you oh geez that RNG luck is...don't mind me and this talk was from what people are saying about characters and from my own personal experience so everyone thoughts and experience is different so just play the game how you want.
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