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SOA New update


emergency maintenance is up the game is still in emergency maintenance why?


Leaked info of Meracle and Edge no one draw either of them that was a surprise attack.


No one got pictures of them but got this that why we are in emergency maintenance.

Meracle is attacker


Edge is---defender with Sword O_o Edge broke the mode wasn't all main hero's attackers?? wait Edge must be powerful as Dias? I mean Dias is a tank and yes Rena the only main semi-hero who is a healer?

This must be next major update with program 12 so Edge and Meracle are coming do not draw from the girls.
Girls banners are up don't draw from them unless you have to save for Edge and Meracle.

But no one knows Edge and Meracle battle skills this surprised everyone and thus twitter is silent no one was expecting this so upcoming event with Edge in next update not this one.

so no time on this emergency maintenance but this leak is bad for them people know Edge and Meracle was in the game for not that long.

I was working on my 32GB PC win all this was going on I almost missed this leak and info and update and chaos.

But hey a new story is out

"With the addition of a new planet "Vire", comes with an additional 33 missions for you to clear. Clear those along with the 2 additional achievements "Clear Vire Scenario" and "Clear all Vire Missions" for tons of gems."

So new planet time omg...I wanted Edge hopefully my main and my alt will allow me to get him >_> I swear ever since I put Fayt as leader on both my accounts has been stubborn or maybe it just Fayt?...I don't know but I'm having a time trying to get new characters only on my main I got Sarah but I already have Rena on that account.

And again people are having a hard time getting Fayt I got a feeling Fayt is rather...picky or just plan stubborn.

I guess Celine is doing good and people are using Sarah so everything is fine on that end.

Yes SO3 is heading to NA this May.
No word on Japanese voices yet 23rd May 2017 so get ready for the most epic plot twist in Star Ocean history for PS4 and Star Ocean 3 is still End game as far as the timeline is even with Star Ocean Anamnesis is out.

I'm going to buy the English version but I'll miss the Japanese voices. they made the SO3 event in star ocean anamnesis it felt like Fayt solo ending connected to star ocean anamnesis if you know time traveling warriors it would make sense I don't know maybe it just me??

First off you met SO3 with Luther not only that us the characters we are from the past ended up there and fight Luther with Fayt and Sophia and they don't tell us what ending Fayt had in that event so...I'm guessing solo ending Fayt ends up summoned by 'us' in the Anamnesis timeline? it's still confusing.

Alright enough of this I'll be thinking of theories all night.

However we was that close to having Edge and Meracle in the game T_T.

"[Emergency maintenance 5/18 (Thursday) ③] and waiting, I apologize. Now complete and sorted out problems, specific fixes for confirmation in the development environment. Inconvenience caused, I'm sorry, I like you to be patient please"

update 2-

現在、不具合の修正対応を行っております。本メンテナンス終了時刻は21:00を予定しております。変更がありました場合には、改めてお知らせさせていただきます。ご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません #アナムネシス
"[5/18 (Thursday) emergency maintenance ④] currently, seeks to fix glitches. This maintenance end time will be in 21:00. If there have been changes, I will inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused"

New comic up hmm so Fayt likes girls now lol not in my game win I have Fayt on auto he's mostly around guys if I have girls in party he avoids them >_< something I noticed Sophia rented or in party will stick to Fayt like glue and Fayt ignores her that what I noticed...and if you noticed Fayt is loved by girls mostly because fiction know, fun fact in the game last night Fidel and Albel almost landed on one another dame it I should of taken a picture and Fayt was like 'wtf' are you doing? After that Fayt has been avoiding poor Fidel the rest of the night...omg this sounds like fan fiction sorry...I have a itch to ship Fidel and Albel now...O_o sorry Victor.

Just put them on auto and let the chaos run it's funny and cute.
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