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Coming closer Fic new Ides.

Ideas. I well do one with .Hack//G.U. no Info has been let out but If not I well make some Ideas from the Moive I saw yes a Evil Kite and Such. with Star Ocean 3, sicne I about Time I did something I was geting kind of bored I well try and get this fic up and going. the parings well be up to the story line there well be some what Death in this but I'm not saying they are dead forever since you know *The World* story line.

Story Ideas- This well take Place 7 years after .Hack//Games, as you all seen the World is full of PK. I kine of like this setting now I'm going to take this story line and Crossover with Star Ocean 3, yes there we be a Evil Kite and Luther in it this well take place in the .Hack Wrold.

Yes this is my Ideas kind of odd right now but I plan to go with it. so I'm sorry no one tell me other wise after this fic I well do a Star Ocean and Beyblade one but this one come frist. so thanks agin fore lsiting to me.

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