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Internet blackout


From the last I posted my...Internet went down my box from CenturyLink died X_X

I was out of internet until now that was...almost 5 days I was going crazy but I had my Ipad air and Iphone that was connected to at&t unlimited data plan so I was able to watch the live steam program and play SOA and that was was withdraw bad I end up putting twitter and youtube app on my Ipad air to stay somewhat connected and that's it.

So I was on blackout this new box is working good smooth but I got to send the old one back to CenturyLink.

Oh that internet modem I was this close on switching internet providers but the area we are in...*sigh* and it's that part of Oregon.

So I'm here to tell you I have internet and I missed it so much.
Tags: centurylink, got back online, how many days?, internet, internet blackout, missed internet, modem died, no internet, online, withdraw

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