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SOA What did I get 02


What did I get part 01.

Got a little money and rolled my alt results are...

T_T Albel dropped 1 time copy and Roddick >_< and a Anne copy I cried many tears.

Poor Zero omg I swear luck with this account is bad and I still don't got a good healer I'm not using Millie.

So next month win I get paid I'm going to roll on my main and go for more weapons maybe I can get another sword copy.

Rolled the weapon on my alt got the claws don't have anyone to put them on T_T

My alt account is bad not the luck my main got well I was able to get premium on my alt so alt Fayt can be LB 6 maybe.

so my main party for boss is Fayt, Albel, Dias and Dias has his 5 weapon and Fayt has the Holy Sword Farwell witch don't do anything to him but it might work better on Roddick but I'm using it for the flat out damage for Fayt.

So for heals I mostly rent Rena she that's good.

And in the roll of weapons I got a level 3 dark sword O_o so that level 4 weapon on my main must be...a fire sword >_>

I put it on Roddick so he can cover that element so far on auto on my alt Fayt and Roddick get a along good thus Albel avoids both of them now.

Another way to tell about weapons are to look at it closely and see what color they glow I just didn't pay attention to them that much
my bad.

So this was my roll on my alt not a good roll at all putting 'rent Rena' on the team with Roddick made Fayt quickly turn and look at 'us' I was like O_o my guess he's either wants to stop fighting or he's...not happy with this I got a feeling Fayt might not like either of them and I thought he was getting along with Roddick...

So much drama it's cute

No Edge for this account omg poor Zero.
Tags: albel, bad ending?, bittersweet, false hope, fan girl time, fan service, fayt, fayt is wow, gacha, lost in thoughts, lost yen, meh, mobile rpg, moible game, my alt, my alt account, no edge?, poor alt, poor zero, rip, rng draw, rng not like, roddick, soa, square enix, star ocean, star ocean anamnesis, what did i get?

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