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SOA What I got alt.


So I got a 5 star ticket right? a 'Ace' 5 star I was excited this for my alt Zero I said "finally something good is going to happen right?"

This was after I played around with the wedding events on this 'alt' account maybe the first battle and I got...

Fayt the unlimited...stalker

So alt Fayt is now LB8 woo

My alt account Zero one draw of Fayt.

So I'm thinking Fayt is Zero's Waifu with Albel and no healer yet T_T

On my main account I just got one of the sales I had enough until I get paid in a few more days so I'm not worried and
Main account Wifu Fayt is now protesting ageist Wifu Rena I'm thinking this is not going to work?...I might end up putting Edge or Dias back in party I'm not too sure.

But good luck on getting any of the girls.

And I was right the wedding story is focused on our character get ready for Waifu battle and Maria caught on quickly what the girls was doing *hint hint* and downloading this update takes a lot so get ready for that.

banners up.

during wedding battles I noticed Wedding Nel will stick closely to Albel...nothing to see here and I think Fayt just glared at wedding Maria from across the battle filed win I had her to see here moving on.

However the story was focused on our character if the 'summons' are fighting one another to be the 'one' in our heart then...

never have romance and jealousy this is not going to turn out good.

So far the wedding story is Nel, Maria and Rena and Ivilish/Iris yes the girls are up to something with Nel not getting it and Maria getting it too quickly that how it feels to me so wedding Rena in the future? It would make sense if she is there.

On the other side it shows how Nel has a softer side we barely saw it in SO3 maybe a few times we did.

Overall my alt got lucky with a Fayt draw I'm never going to get a good healer on this account will time to play my main account.
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