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SOA They went there.


They just had to do it.

Oh boy time to get ready.

So now they hint at romance but this that not the same story in SOA however...

SO3 is different there are hints that Albel do like Nel to some point look at the PA's there can be a Albel and Nel ending if...Clair wasn't there it looks like to me Clair was on Nel's mind in the game she don't say it out loud but it's there.

Maria and Fayt oh boy what happen to Lieber? Now if you play and go through every PA it hinted that Maria do like Fayt however the love triangle that has Lieber pushes Fayt away from her a bit and there are no romance between then not unless you the player pushes for Maria ending.

If you get Maria ending it said she wants to settle down and get married not only that have kids maybe and she thinks Fayt might be the one (Now that's what I got from Maria ending on youtube) so correct me on this one if you must.

So dose that mean Maria ending is cannon??

So what happens if we get wedding Sophia is that cannon to?

I can say that Nel might like Albel to some degree but I don't think it's love how Albel feels for Nel might be love win he won't say it.

Sorry I am a Nel and Clair shipper they feel more real then anything else that just my thoughts.

another comic I'm guessing this is what she was trying to do in the event.

I personality think Wedding Nel is cute and Wedding Maria still looks too much like Fayt sorry to say but from the comic you can tell who she still wants.

I'm not upset it just helps the Maria and Fayt shippers more

From my experience getting Albel ending in SO3 was hard win Nel was around I think Albel emotions for Nel is high almost romantic I never did get Maria ending in SO3 but I heard it's pretty hard to get that ending I know a lot of people love Maria but I prefer Rena.

So it safe to say thanks to this comic Maria still has emotions for Fayt rather what ending is cannon watch out Sophia lovers this is all out war now.

Win you roll for wedding Nel and wedding Maria think what team you're supporting that what people was saying on discord
Team Maria or Team Nel.

So with this in mind I'm going to avoid the wedding banners and go for weapons >_>
Sorry I got enough girls...on my main account and my alt has Fayt and Albel with no healer.

About the event in SOA :

"But in order to challenge Advance or higher for character scenarios they require you to use "Promise Bouquet" as token the first time you do them. These can be found in the exchange shop. 1st Quest is Maria. 2nd Quest is Nel." - From discord

So the wedding event you must get the promise bouquet it's in the shop.

I myself never did finish the wedding story but I think it might have Albel and Fayt in by the comic I don't know so correct me on this one.

Wedding Fayt and Maria never had angel wings like Fayt in SO3 but her attack no wonder people are putting her high and yes wedding Maria has her own version of Ethereal Blast.

Now from the comic I just posted it can happen or it can it depends how the reader wants to read it this is just my thoughts everyone has different ideas.

Come on wedding Rena you know you want to or wedding Albel you know you want to.
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