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SOA twitter.


"Captain?! TVCM broadcasting has been started is like! Narration is Mr. Ryūsei Nakao person inside of me! Whats the key Visual poster sign? Mr. Nakao! Thank you very much! / ('◎∀◎ Be)"

【『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』Twitterプレゼントキャンペーン第3弾開催】 フォロー&RTで、ウェルチ役半場友恵さんやネル役浅川悠さんのキャラクターイラスト付きサイン色紙ほか豪華賞品をGETしよう!
"["Star Ocean: anamnesis ' Twitter campaign first 3 bullets held] follow &RT in the anime illustrated signs colored Welch helps 半場 friend rie and channel help Yuu Asakawa Besides trying to GET prizes! For more information"

TVCM放送を記念してアプリ内でも8つのキャンペーンを実施中です(`◎∀◎´)b 紋章石10000個プレゼント 1日1回無料ガチャ イベント復刻開催 ★5エース確定ガチャ(1人1回) などなど! 詳しくはこちら→
"TVCM broadcast to commemorate the is conducting a campaign of eight apps ('◎∀◎ be) b Crest stone 10,000 presents one day one time free Gazza reprint event ★ 5 ACE confirmed Gazza (once) and more! For more information click here #アナムネシス"

--End quotes from twitter

SOA TVCM time.

So twitter TVCM Campaign has started if you login in today you will get gems I did on both accounts.

If you have twitter help take part in this I did yes SOA Campaign time.

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