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SOA maintenance.




"[6/22 (Thursday) maintenance ②: today 14: 00-16:00 until wedding event part [extermination-absolute] and additional glitches will be doing maintenance work, fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see notice within the app and the website"

---End of quote

So yes Star Ocean anamnesis a.k.a. SOA is getting a maintenance.

--- From Discord--
SO2 event return SO2 part 1 has come back.
Hell Siren
Race: Avian
Weakness: Freeze, Poison, Wind, Light
Long Ass Note: Boss does attacks. Git guard and dodge. It's pattern change depending on it's leftover HP. It uses various symbology including Dark and Wind attacks. Use status conditions/elemental weaknesses.
Caution: If you do not defeat it in 7 minutes, boss will enter Destroy Mode and will do mass amounts of damage
----End of Discord post----

New tower with Earth weakness good party for it anyone that can use earth Sophia, Bridal Ivilish, Millie, Ronyx and I think Edge has one earth attack that might help with a healer rent Rena.
(Sadly Fayt is not going to be useful here not without the earth sword maybe you can use Albel for long range)

And a new weapon has been added to the Gacha.

People are saying use don't use Victor for this and use Edge for this and Rena I guess Dias would do and if you don't have Edge use Fayt if you don't have Fayt use a shooter and dodge but have a good healer.

My party is going to be Fayt, Albel and Dias/Edge strangely enough I noticed win Edge is around...he don't take aggro and Fayt ends up getting it...but Dias takes aggro versus Edge that what I noticed >_> I heard Victor is a master on taking aggro and is a must to have.
(My Edge is at 5LB vs Dias who is at 4LB and Wedding Rena at 2LB) I just got Dias to 4LB and Fayt 10LB is protesting bad...T_T even Dias at 4LB is taking aggro good Edge feels like he not really a aggro dealer is it me?...he has the damage but...

My alt party is going to be Fayt, Albel and Dias/Wedding Maria and rent a Rena.

As for the weapon Gacha I'm not interested in it I'm afraid I might roll the Sword&Sheathe I'm always lucky on them on my main account it's sad and I have to fight to get a sword weapon T_T
Link- weapons.
That bow weapon is good for Reimi if you have her.
"- Damage +40% to Beast Race
- Will not flinch to damage that is less than 10% of Max HP
LB Factor - ATK Damage +20% when over 100 hit" --From Discord--So you can go nuts with Reimi.

If it's not the Sword&Sheathe it the Bow weapons seriously!? Just give me swords that's all I want...T_T
And I'm like Sword&Sheathe Dias and Albel got enough as for Bows I'm like enough Reimi is OP with one.
(That's on my main account) I'm starting to think that account wants me to play with either Dias/Albel with Reimi added to party with Fayt as leader...>_< I do use Reimi once in a bit I play as her and watch Fayt be clingy with her...O_o er never mind.

I find this ironic I never did like Reimi in SO4 however I do like playing her in SOA...O_o I was always a Edge and Faize shipper back then maybe that's why er...but I have to admit Reimi in SOA don't bug me much.

People are saying that Edge and Fayt in a party don't mix good I'm starting to think that...
From my experience Fayt is flat out damage and Edge working with him don't work good since Edge is not a good aggro dealer.
And people was saying you got to choose one or the other so I'm going to stay with Fayt I know Edge has this whole HP buff but I love SO3 too much to let it go.

I'm thinking Fayt is way to powerful with good weapon that they go after him and Edge is overlooked and from my experience Dias takes the aggro from Fayt unlike Edge if you put both Dias and Edge in party it works to.

I might draw 1 time from the weapon Gacha and save for next month rumors are going around...swimwear O_o

We know they showed a picture of Miki in swimwear but maybe we might get some guys this time around...maybe hopefully... please...
I think that might happen around win Fiore drops or after that.

Next major characters are Fiore and Relia I'm not excited for them I know a lot of people want Fiore I want a Der-Suul fight yes Der-Suul the Albel lookalike maybe that's why Daril stops and looks at Albel...O_o never mind....

So this is a talk about what is coming and SOA maintenance and my thoughts about what is going on.

And maybe that bow weapon will bring Reimi back into play? We don't know but I want more sword weapons...

"【6/22(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 本日のメンテナンスは16:00に終了いたしました。更新内容につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。メンテナンス前にアプリを起動していた方は、必ずアプリ再起動の上、プレイをお願いいたします"

"[6/22 (Thursday) maintenance ③: maintenance of today is no longer to 16:00. Please confirm the update notice in the app and the website. Apps started prior to maintenance make sure on the app restart play please"
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