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.Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Movies.


I found some Movies that might have some weddings events in them sadly No Azure Knights one yet that I found at Youtube place. and they also have .Hack//4Koma not all of them but the OVA well be out in March in Japan. to see all 4Koma.

Got I love this game I beat Ovan and his 2nd Phases Battle. I also like Haseo new Guns attack but sadly to say it only one attack. but Haseo and his freinds if you reach the skill to 21 you get one powerful move. but you don't touch the ground and win you use that skill so much it become more powerful until it reach the limit 30. so only who freinds Haseo get there skill no PK have use that skill so fair that I seen. or there too lazy to levle skills up. Sakaki Avaitor batttle is annoying KFC AIDA.
The Azure Knight battle is kind of hafe and hafe since Kite levels up win Haseo levels up in the begining win I frist faced him off he had 6000 HP. win I moved Haseo one more Levle Kite was 7000. as for Balmung and Orca are easy they are always around 3000 and something. so they don't levele up like Kite dose win Haseo levels up so that leaves me to think...Kite is either keeping track of Haseo on something another...*Cough* I almost forgot I mean is I had Haseo at Lv.139. then I moved him up to 140 that win Kite's HP was more. so yeah it the same with Ovan so be ready win you face them. Yata Phases battle was in the middle.
he had the Shiled like Magus had and he warp around win you try and hit him like Innis. after you beat the Knights and Eina is un-possed by Aura. you move on to Cubia...

But enough for now I well tell you the rest later on. and what Cubia is doing. by the Way Ovan and a dying death he tried to bring back his sisiter Eina and died making her Remember so no more Ovan for now.
Talk to you later. But I love this wedding Event I wanna try Endrance and the Azure Knights win I beat the game...

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