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What A ending...

Well...I Finish the game a couple of days ago I kind of forgot to tell you guys...

The way Haseo was crying over Ovan...ugh that was a mod killer. I thought he was going to kill him safe...I hate to say this I kind of like Eina Ovan's Sister. but I'm still mad at Ovan for being Evil...or framing Kite and killing Shino. ect.

Oh man I knew Haseo like Ovan...but the Wedding Event well fix that...I'm trying to get the Knights to like Haseo. witch is hard then Saku getting to like Haseo. Btw I missed up on keeping Saku. Bo other hafe she was fake she wasn't real...and she upset becuse Endrance and 'Bo' likes Haseo and there no one for she erase her safe from 'Bo' mind but before she dose she sends you a e-mail...and I send a late replay sadly to say I lost 'Saku' so I can't do that Wedding Event with her...
But the Painful forst is 100 floors...yes 100 Floors...and about 50 you meet Tabby but those dame NPC that tried to feed Haseo to the fake god is behind this Event so there are a lot of boss fights...IF you bring Shino with ya you get a Extra cut seen between her and Tabby...*cough* Yuri...
and you can leave that win Aura send you that rare card but sadly it only works on people who are 'Violet' affect... let me explain.

Red- Begins.
Blue- Amire.
Yellow- Crush.
Violet- Love deeply.

so yeah saldy to say...
Kadea- Blue.
Kite- Blue.
Shino- Red.
Matsu- Yellow.
Balmung- Red.
Orca- Red.
Bordeaux- Red.
Yata- Blue.
I don't even use that Helba-boy kid...
but it took forever to get Kite blue. yeah I wanna see Haseo do a Wedding evnet with Kite and Master Endrance.
oh yeah the others, Pai, Kuhn, Atoli, Endrance are all mixed up to Violet so I don't miss with them...but I found out I got Kite to blue...and I give him another odd Item he talk more...then those two words. but it was in Japanese so I can't understand what he sad. sorry.
but yeah...Kite also don't touch the groud win he in party kind of like the time you fought him in Vol.1. but he Powerful in Elements. oh and he give you a COPY of his weapon 'Empty Skies' Lv.125. rare weapon. and he keeps the real one. and no you can not change his EQ. but later I'll face the Doubleganger...some how I now like HaseoXKite, and HaseoXMaster En. too bad there are no .Hack//G.U. slash group around here...maybe I can try to start one but I'm a newbie at starting a group.

But how do you get Natsume she reads the bored and looking for 'Tri-Edge' as A weapon as you either invit Kite to party or use the copy weapon that he given you and she well show up at Root town. she thinks she has to PK to get 'Tri-Edge' a.k.a. Kite's Empty Skies weapon. she shows up after you beat the black list 7. witch is all Vol.1 PK that come back for revenge but they are stronger then before...over all she trying to become 'Tri-Edge' the rumor one a.k.a. Kite. -_-

So yeah that is what I'm up two and maybe I'll do a Slash fanfiction of them my new like couple. so talk to you later.


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