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SO3 What??....SOA What? talk about love.


So I looking around and found the fan wars why did I ever look at them??

So we know for a fact that Maria might hint she likes Fayt right? it pretty obvious in Maria ending however you the player has to push Fayt into Maria arms there are no hint that Fayt even likes Maria that way. (So far I have not seen it)

Nel we know from her ending she has a deep bond with Fayt maybe something it's also hinted in her ending

However there also Albel we know getting Albel ending is harder win Nel is around and I just found out that Clair had some kind of encounter with Albel what Clair?? There some confusing people half the people think Albel likes Nel right?

But what if all this uneasy actions that Albel has around Nel is because Albel thinks Nel likes Clair?? And Albel likes Clair?
>_>....O_o.... >_<;

It also said Nel and Clair has a deep bond we don't know if it's love or friendship but the fan base says it comrades not romance that there thoughts on it.

Now Sophia we know 100% she wants to be Fayt wife er...Waifu all the PA is almost like she wants Fayt to be an agree with her desire however Fayt sometimes get stubborn and it don't work out.

Sophia ending with Fayt is like 'Hey I got Fayt' but Fayt don't look happy and it hinted at wiki that there isn't romance hinted in that ending...that words from wiki so don't trust that.

Fayt emotions for Sophia he cares for her but not romantically.

It was also hinted in SOA school event with SO3 cast that Sophia was upset with all the couples walking around and Sophia heard Fayt fighting someone and Sophia mistakenly calls some random guy Fayt...
(I never got to record that I wish I did) Fayt shows up and tells Sophia to leave she helps that random guy out and the person Fayt is trying to get to is...Albel and Fayt gets upset and yells something...and it shown Albel leaving the area not involved.

So I tested SO3 on my PS2 right? I never did set Fayt on auto so I switch to Maria and put Fayt and Albel in party I reduced Albel emotions for Fayt a bit and watched to see what happens...bam Fayt goes after and stick to glue to Albel >_> I had to reduce Albel emotions for Fayt 3 more times before Fayt left him alone...>_>

I tried again on a different save one before with Nel and Cliff and Fayt at the mines so I switch to Nel did the same Nel and Cliff got along good I was surprised until Fayt comes up and Cliff leaves with Fayt O_o 'wtf' they both leave me playing Nel alone...
And Fayt sticks to Cliff like glue...O_o

I don't know if you have SO3 put Fayt and auto and see who Fayt clings onto either Albel or Cliff I think Fayt might be...

Now this would make sense in SOA Fayt still clingy with Albel however...if you switch around and move from Fayt as 'leader' and switch to some random person beside them and watch Albel...glare at Fayt...anything goes in SOA however the hint with Albel and Nel oddly...
If you have Fayt as leader and are with him Nel will cling onto Albel...O_o not only that Albel responds to her more then he did with Clair...O_O that's my experience and Nel and Clair do react to one another in party. (I have to rent Nel I don't have her)

Oddly enough it looks like Everyone might have some kind of attachment to our 'Character' in SOA even Albel who if you put in party and you switch from Fayt into someone else Albel will be clingy O_o seriously if you don't have Albel in party Fayt will replace Albel and become clingy don't matter what gender you are I tested both genders but I noticed girls who we have or rent will be very VERY protective of our character if we are in someone else body beside Fayt and they did glare at Fayt poor Fayt...

Now a few times I did see Fayt get upset with Albel in SOA is win well if you let Albel win so much by finishing the monster off with his 'rush' and making Albel powerful then Fayt by maxed out 10LB and good weapon he will cling onto Fayt and glare at everyone right?

However Fayt will turn and glare at Albel O_o the conflict will rise if you the player switches to another person and play not on auto
control this other character and you will see Albel and Fayt glare at one another...O_o yes that is conflict however if you still in this other character and rent Wedding Nel or rent Nel she will still cling onto Albel and it looks like any other characters who you rent will try to force Fayt away from you O_o

Now if you have Star Ocean anamnesis play with the battle auto and not auto sometimes if you have Fayt put him as 'leader' and switch to another character and sees what happens.

Now did I try that with Sophia? You bet I did I did the same setup like before I played not on auto and rented a Sophia and see if Fayt reacted to her right? Well...Fayt did look at her but never did go near her unless there was a monster near her...O_o
Fayt just kind of run across the screen and way in the back the next 2 battles >_> tried again Fayt would kill the monster and glare at the other party member keeping them away from our character >_< this time Fayt ignored Sophia...

So in SOA Fayt acknowledges Sophia but that's about it...not unless I'm not seeing something here.

And that SO3 event they did oh wow Sophia BIO she was jealous it was hinted in the school event Sophia was very salty and upset that Fayt student body 'perfect' whatever you call those type of people was loved by lots and girls and Fayt was seen with many types of girls but not with her...

And Fayt BIO rumored in the SOA school event had something to do with...Albel?...I'm not too sure it was talked on 'twitter'

And Albel BIO in the school event was talked about how he was the school bully but was a loner who liked cats...O_o
That automatically made the fan base trying to put Albel likes Anne now >_>

*Sigh* I wish that school event would come back it was cute and it given a background how normal life would of been...

However the hints are there Fayt might still have a bond with Albel and more of a trust then anyone out of SO3 cast that is in SOA from the hints I'm getting but win it comes to our charter they can conflict.

On the other side Albel acts like win we are with him he wants 'us' there but wants Fayt 'way' over there not near us and I think that hurts Fayt and Albel acts like the possessive deadly stalker we know and if we are with Albel he will accept Nel, Clair or even Cliff near 'us' if we are with him but not...Fayt? I'm starting to think Albel cares for Fayt as maybe his only friend but don't love him not romantically.

However if it comes to our character Albel can be a stalker...O_o even if it means going ageist Fayt and everyone for Fayt his emotions are 'I want to be with Albel' it hinted in this game I think Fayt still 'likes' Albel now the sadder part is win you have Albel in party and Fayt tries to warm up to him and Albel ignores him you have Fayt as 'leader' and are with him Albel will be clingy to Fayt not for 'Fayt' no...for our character...T_T Albel will glare at Fayt that will make Fayt retreat away from Albel I seen this happen many times on my main account it will get so bad Fayt will turn and swing his sword and look at the screen at 'us' if I remove Albel from party Fayt will return to normal...(Another outcome to this is Fayt will start to glare at Albel that win you have to remove Albel)

Not unless the whole Idea of Fayt being clingy with Albel is fan service and Fayt 'crush' for Albel ended win Fayt was summoned to SOA world and thus Fayt and Albel are fighting one another for the our character attention??...wishful thinking...

Thus Albel is no longer on my accounts it was too much...I have a 10 LB Albel on my main that I only use now for boss battles and the Albel on my alt account has been replaced by Fidel.

Now with Cliff and Fayt as 'leader' nothing clingy with them except the fact with Cliff who glared at Fayt that's about it however I did noticed Albel and Cliff would go off to the side (Albel and Cliff??...nah) or Fayt will glare at Cliff...(auto battle for this one and with Fayt)

Maria and Wedding Maira it looks like Fayt has no problem with her but he won't go near 'her' unless we the character are with either of Maria's O_o Fayt is like this with every girl unless we are with them that what I noticed except...

One girl who Fayt will glare at...that is Ivilish Fayt will glare at Bridal Ivilish and healer Ivilish that what I noticed her present will make Fayt stop somehow either to a ignore or glare way...O_o I tested that on my alt account but why Ivilish??

Ivilish no secret she may like our character and it was a joke that Ivilish was the only female character who was the main hero 'waifu' who can't fight thus healer Ivilish was born out of that joke however Bridal Ivilish just pushes they tried to make Ivilish more 'loved' by making a Bridal version and it worked since she OP and will be OP...

Meh...I'm slowly liking Ivilish but in love with her...and I'm not doing wedding event with Ivilish...

That's my experience everyone can have different ideas how it works.
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