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SOA is going to have SO5 event is.


You are aware update is dropping into the game right?

Will it be the Der-Suul fight? Er...Nope Kronos that's his name right?

Buffs and Faize has been buffed O_o -update- So Faize is shining and a 'test?' hmm...Faize collecting data...rumors going around Faize is a 'test'...O_o What??

No over buffed Wedding Ivilish, Celine Sophia, Lymle, Myuria you get the idea so rumors are the rest might stay the same T_T

More info.

So tonight new gacha word is Fiore is alright and Relia is slow? But we don't know unless we get more info how they do in damage wise.

But if you have Faize he just got buffed making him more useful and Faize has that fast casting so Faize players are good to go.
And yes that buffs makes Faize OP *sparkle* I'll think of have Faize in party in my main account with Fayt 10LB and Edge however if you can stand Faize personality you might want to think of using him if you have him. (Downside is Faize emotions ugh...)

(I might switch around with Faize and Fidel I'm not using Albel or Dias, Rena, Wedding Rena unless I have to but hey Fayt is starting to accept Edge just a little

By the way this new event boss fight has aoe field that debuffs you look out for them.

In terms of what I'm hearing from Relia and her buffs and (handicap? rumors) that Rena is still top healer in speed wise.
And that Relia is good with Rena? And that Rena is a type for everyone but mages win Relia is the type for Caster a.k.a. mage party.

So if you have mage types casters you want to get Relia for non other mage type party use Rena or rent Rena.

News that Fiore and Celine are about the same just different elements? (Rumors for now) we don't know yet.

However people are hoping weapons will buff both Fiore and Relia.

This is all little info from the discord and website and we need more info on the casters buffs and people are starting to worry that Faize is the only one that got buffed...O_o

We know that Wedding Ivilish is still top caster/mage and Faize just got buffed so they might work out good with Relia?
So if you just LB a caster to max that was a bad move no other caster got buffed so...bad ending?

I swear my feelings just dropped...from Moderate - Star Ocean: The Second Story OST song to Soul Nomad OST: Magic Man >_<;
(No new info yet waiting) T_T

"【6/29(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 本日のメンテナンスは17:00に終了いたしました。更新内容につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。各ストアより最新のアプリ(1.7.0)にバージョンアップの上、プレイをお願いいたします。 #アナムネシス"

"[29 / 6 (Thursday) maintenance ③] maintenance of today is no longer to 17:00. Please confirm the update notice in the app and the website. Latest apps from the store (1.7... 0) To please upgrade on the play"

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