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SOA new what?


"次回生放送で発表予定のロードマップの情報をもらいに来ました。 長い会議になる予感がヒシヒシと… #アナムネシス"

"Next live on about the announced roadmap to come"


So you know they talked about the roadmap right? There goal for this game.

And this next livestream will be long I think they are added more stuff to the game making it more epic.

I'm guessing we might get 7 Stars characters and maybe PA and who knows what.

OR they might be ending SOA and making another game O_o that would be...

Star Ocean 6??...a mix of SOA? or what happens after SOA?? Or spin off game or something.

I would love a Star Ocean time travel game like SOA for my PS4.

But I don't think it's that time yet I'm thinking it going to be new stuff added to this phone game.

I do want SOA in English so we can get the story they can keep the Japanese voices.

So the question is why did they make SOA?..a.k.a. Star Ocean Anamnesis? To reboot Star Ocean right? Since SO5 wasn't good I know Japan didn't like SO5 and NA didn't like SO5 so...what are they doing?

What people wanted was a remake of Star Ocean 3 and Star Ocean 2 but they given us a phone game that only in Japan right now.

And we can tell SOA is almost closely based off Star Ocean 5 a.k.a. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness and SO5 cast was put in the game first so...what is going on? (I know there a mix of the others like Nel and Myuria win this game started I think...) correct me on this one if you can.

All the other characters was added later and in the time SOA is closely to SO5 and before SO3 if time works.

That's why it's funny if you have someone from SO3 doing events that is before SO3 timeline can you say time paradox?

All I'm waiting for them to say this is all cannon that way we can say Fayt solo ending is this after solo ending Fayt get summoned by us in the Star Ocean Anamnesis timeline.

I'm thinking square enix given them one last chance to prove that Star Ocean did not flop *cough* SO5 and this is what was made and surprisingly this phone game did good very good so maybe they got the green light to do something more?

So now that they know fans do love this series what do you think they are going to do?

So from all the information we got they are going to announce a "Roadmap" to what? The game's final end?? T_T to a new game?

To more stuff? More outfits?? Crossover with the game Nier Automata? Final Fantasy? you get the idea.

I want more outfits and more events and PA for the life we need PA's back in this game.

And Item creation they joked about it way to many times.

What do you think this roadmap is going to be? I'm still thinking it more add on and outfits and hopefully More bosses.

7 Star Fayt will have Dimension Door :P T_T wishful thinking there people but wow big update in July...hmmm this makes me want to know.

This is just my thoughts it can be anything so don't get too hyped over this after all it's is a roadmap for now.
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